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Joust Transcripts

Mapping .wav files and their transcripts for JsJoust/JoustMania


Audio/Transcriptions {#audio-transcriptions}

Audio File: Transcription or

Menu {#menu}

Commander: Commander

Fight Club: Fight Club

Joust FFA: Joust free for all

Joust Teams: Joust Teams

Ninja Bomb: Ninja Bomb

Non-stop Joust: Non-stop Joust

Random: Random mode

Random Teams: Joust Random Teams

Swapper: Swapper

Tournament: Tournament

Traitor: Traitors

Werewolves: Werewolves

Zombies: Zombies

Settings {#settings}

Added random: Added to random mode

High sensitivity: High sensitivity

Instructions OFF: Instructions off

Instructions ON: Instructions on

Low sensitivity: Low sensitivity

Medium sensitivity: Medium sensitivity

Not enough players: Not enough players

Removed random: Removed from random mode

Ultra high sensitivity: Ultra high sensitivity

Ultra low sensitivity: Ultra low sensitivity

System {#system}

Joustmania failed: Joustmania update failed. Make sure you are connected to the internet and please try again. If failure continues, check the setup.log file in the joustmania folder. Also, check for updates

Joustmania updated: Joustmania updated!

Large update available: Large Joustmania update available. Hold Start and Select to begin

update started: Update started

Games {#games}

Commander {#commander}

10 seconds begin: 10 seconds until battle begins

blue overdrive: blue overdrive

blue power ready: blue power ready

blue revive: blue revive

blue shift: blue shift

blue winner:

Commander chosen: Commanders chosen. Let the battle begin!

Commander Instructions: Commander Selected. One commander will be chosen by each side. If that commander dies, the other team wins. If you are a non-commander and you die, you must go back to your team’s side and touch the wall until you respawn. The more you die, the longer it will take for you to respawn. Commanders - you have a special ability. Every 20 seconds or so, a notification will sound alerting you that your overdrive power is ready. Press the trigger button to activate overdrive. Suddenly, all of your units will be much harder to kill for a couple of seconds. Get ready for battle.

Commander Intro: Players Selected. Players: decide who will be your chosen commander. Chosen commander: press Triangle to acknowledge your position. Units: press A to state you are ready for battle.

red overdrive: red overdrive

red power ready: red power ready

red revive: red revive

red shift: red shift

Red winner: <Copy of Teams - red team win>

Fight Club {#fight-club}

5 rounds remain: 5 rounds remain

defender high score: Defender has the high score

defender lead: Defender has taken the lead

defender winning: Defender is now winning

game over: Game over! Congratulations, Fight Club champion!

Instructions: Two players fight, the winner must defend their title, the player with the highest score wins <currently using text to speech>

Last round: Last round!

Tie game: tie game. Face off!

Joust Free For All {#joust-free-for-all}

1 minute remaining: 1 minute remaining

3 minutes remaining: 3 minutes remaining

5 minutes remaining: 5 minutes remaining


Free For All instructions: Joust free for all selected. Protect your own controller while trying to Jostle other’s. When the music speeds up, your controller sensitivity decreases and you are harder to kill. Get ready to joust!

Tradeoff: Everyone, please hand off your controllers to other new players now. New players, press A when you are ready to start.

Joust Teams {#joust-teams}

blue team win: And the winner is: Blue team

cyan team win: And the winner is: Cyan team

Green team win: And the winner is: Green team

Joust Teams instructions: Joust random teams selected. Protect your own controller while trying to Jostle other’s. When the music speeds up, your controller sensitivity decreases and you are harder to kill. Your selected team will be the color of your controller. Get ready to joust!

magenta team win: And the winner is: Magenta team!

Orange team win: And the winner is: Orange team! <currently using text to speech>

Pink team win: And the winner is: Pink team! <currently using text to speech>

Purple team win: And the winner is: Purple team! <currently using text to speech>

Red team win: And the winner is: Red team

Yellow team win: And the winner is: Yellow team

Ninja Bomb {#ninja-bomb}

countered: Countered!

explosion death: Explosion!

Fakedout: Faked out!

Faked out counter: Faked out counter!

Ninja Bomb instructions: Ninja bomb selected. Players stand in a circle passing around a bomb. Press the A button to pass the bomb to a random player. If held too long, the bomb will explode. Players can try to pass traps in order to fake out opponents. If a player presses A or Trigger while holding a trap, they will explode. Traps can be passed by pressing the trigger button half-way. Too much or too little and you will give yourself away. Traps can also be countered by pressing any of the four front buttons. Each player has two lives, the last player remaining wins. Press A to begin.

Swapper {#swapper}

Swapper instructions: Swapper selected. Protect your own controller while trying to Jostle other’s. There are two teams. If you die, you will respawn on the other team. The last player is on their own. Get ready to joust!

Tournament {#tournament}

Tournament instructions Tournament selected. Everyone will be paired up against another player. Your opponent will have the same color as your controller. If you defeat your opponent, you will go on to the next round. If your controller is white, wait to be assigned to a new player. The last player standing wins. Get ready to joust!

Traitor {#traitor}

Traitor instructions: Traitors selected. Three teams face off against one another. However, there is one traitor on every team. Traitors are on a secret fourth team. If your controller vibrates during the start countdown- you are a traitor. Get ready to joust!

Traitors win: Traitors win

Werewolves {#werewolves}

10 seconds werewolf: 10 seconds until reveal

30 seconds werewolf: 30 seconds until reveal

Humans win: Humans win!

Werewolf instructions: Werewolf Joust selected. If your controller vibrates at the start of the match, you are a werewolf. Werewolves will have a short period of time to kill as many humans as possible before they are revealed. Listen for further instructions and get ready to Joust.

Werewolf intro: Everyone close your eyes. If your controller if vibrating right now, you are a werewolf. Werewolves, open your eyes now and look for your team members. <~7 sec pause>. Werewolves, close your eyes. In 30 seconds, werewolves will be revealed. Everyone, open your eyes!

Werewolves revealed1: Werewolves are revealed

Werewolves revealed2: Werewolves revealed

Werewolves win: Werewolves win

Zombies {#zombies}

10 seconds left: 10 seconds left

30 seconds: 30 seconds remaining

Human victory: Human victory!

molotov found: molotov found

Werewolves win: Werewolves win

Zombie death:

Zombie Instructions: Zombies selected. Two zombies will be randomly selected at the beginning of play. Zombies have a few minutes to turn all humans into more zombies. Otherwise, humans win. If you die as a human or a zombie, your controller will vibrate and turn red. You must stand still during this period until you respawn as a zombie. Humans can kill zombies via regular melee or with bullets. Use the trigger button to fire one bullet to kill one random zombie. If you collect five bullets, your controller will turn magenta and you can throw a molotov to kill all zombies. Humans can get more bullets by killing zombies in any way. Good luck, and get ready for the invasion.

Zombies win: Zombies win