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Extended Rules

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Random Mode(Convention mode)

Joustmania will start with all controllers blue, this indicates Random mode. At the start of the game only FFA is in rotation for this mode, however other game modes can be added via the admin menu. When a player presses A their controller turns yellow indicating they are ready, when all controllers are ready, a random game mode will be selected from the list of added games.

Free for all

Recommended for 2+ players.

All controllers will be different colors, upon being hit a noise will sound and the controllers color will go out indicating that the player has been defeated.

Custom Teams

Minimum 3+ players. Recommended for 4+ players.

The team of the player is indicated by the color of their controller and will need to be selected before the game starts. While team mode is selected in the main menu, players can press the A button on their controller in order to change between six teams. Those team colors will be assigned once the game starts. This mode can not be added to random mode.

Random Teams

Recommended for 3+ players.

Same gameplay as Custom teams, however the players will be randomly put on to one of three teams. There will be a brief period after the start countdown where players can pair up with their team members, this is indicated with a specific wobbly sound.


Minimum 6+ players. Recommended for 9+ players.

In Traitor there are three standard teams and one player on every team is on a secret fourth team. These players will be notified by a controller vibration during the countdown phase of the game. If their are only traitors at the end, all traitors will win simultaneously.


Minimum 3+ players. Recommended for 6+ players.

Players start by closing their eyes and the werewolves opening theirs. After a brief pause werewolves will close their eyes again and the game will start. Everyone starts off as a villager with their controllers being white. After thirty seconds werewolves will be revealed and their controllers will turn red. Werewolves should try to kill as many humans during the hidden phase otherwise they will be outnumbered when they are revealed.


Minimum 4+ players. Recommended for 10+ players.

This game is somewhat like an infection based game. Zombies are trying to kill all humans within a specified range of time, otherwise humans win. All players start off as humans with their controllers being white. After a few seconds two humans will be selected to be the initial zombies, they will die and their controllers will turn red. When a player is dead, they need to stand still until resurrected as a zombie. Once resurrected, a players controller will turn green, indicating they are now a zombie and can move around. If a zombie dies, there is a chance a random human will receive a random amount of bullets. If a player has between zero and four bullets their controller will glow blue instead of white, and the trigger button of their controller can be pressed to shoot and kill one random zombie for one of their bullets. If a player receives five bullets their controller will turn magenta and they can press the trigger button to throw a Molotov and kill all alive zombies in the play area. More bullets can be collected by killing zombies either by the regular jostling or by shooting them with bullets, sometimes no bullets will spawn however.


Minimum 4+ players. Recommended for 6+ players.

In this game one player is designated as the commander, if they die the other team wins. Players are split into two teams, red and blue. During the selection phase players will decide as a team who they want their commander to be. The commander can press the triangle button on their controller to indicate they are the commander. The Blue commander will be colored green, and the red commander will be magenta. All other players can press the A button to indicate they are ready for battle and their controllers will turn white. After all players are ready, the game will start. Each team should have a designated side of the room or space, after a player dies, they need to go back to their side past a certain area or touch the wall and wait until they re-spawn. The more a player dies the longer it will take them to re-spawn every time. The still need to do this even if they re-spawn before making it back. After a couple of seconds a notification will sound and commanders will get an overdrive ability they can activate for their team by pressing the trigger button. Once pressed all of the other players on their team will get a sensitivity boost and be much harder to kill, their controllers will turn a lighter color as well. The re-spawn time for the commanders power will go up if the commanders team members die, and will go down for every kill on the enemy team. The commanders controller color will also fade from white to their regular color showing how long until they have their overdrive power.

Swapper (necromancer)

Minimum 3+ players Recommended for 4+ players.

Each player starts on one of two teams, when a player dies after a brief period of time they change to the other team. The last player remaining will not switch when jostled.

Fight Club

Minimum 2+ Two players face off each round, the champion and the challenger. The champions color is orange and the Challenger's is blue. Whomever wins becomes the champion gains one point and stays in, the loser goes to the back of the line, and a new player is selected as the new challenger. There is 4 seconds of invincibility at the beginning of each round. Rounds only last 20 seconds, otherwise both players are knocked out and a new champion and challenger are chosen. If a player's controller is green, this means they have the current highest score. The number of rounds in the game is equal to two times the number of players. If there are multiple players with the same score at the end of the game they will all face off in a FFA to determine the winner of the game.


Recommended for 3+ players.

Every player is paired up on a 1v1 basis against another player. The player they are paired up against will have the same color controller as them. Once a player defeats his opponent, the losers controller will go out indicating that he is out of the game, and the winners controller will either turn white indicating they need to wait until they are assigned to another player, or will turn into their next players color. If a player starts off as white, they have a bye and need to wait until they are assigned to someone else. Also between matches there will be a couple of seconds of invulnerability between players as well, indicated by the controllers flashing lights.

Ninja Bomb

Recommended for 2+ players.

This game is not like the standard joust games and does not use the accelerometer. In a way Ninja Bomb is somewhat like a stealthy version of hot potato. In this game a bomb is passed around randomly to players, and will explode if held too long. Every player will be white and the bomb passed around will be red. A player can press the A button on their controller to pass the bomb. A player can also pass a trap to the next player by holding down the trigger button. When a player passes a trap their controller will turn green indicating they are trying to fake out the next player. When the next player receives a trap it will look like the regular bomb, however if that player tries too pass it with the A button, or to pass a trap, they will explode, However if a player presses one of the four front buttons when they have a trap, they will preform a counter and the player that passed the trap initially will explode instead. All players have two lives before they are out of the game. For advanced play, a player can try to hold the trigger button down half way, and their controller will glow more white than green for passing a trap, thus being able to fake out the next player better. All players should be following the bomb around and looking for the bomb players controller to turn green, just in case they are passed a trap. The last player remaining wins

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