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Tips and strategy

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Jostling mechanics

All the jostling mechanics are based off of controllers accelerometer and not the gyroscope. The way for the controller to be jostled is via a sudden drop in acceleration. What that means is that you can sprint across a room at very fast pace as long the acceleration of getting to top speed is very gradual. Soft stepping or moving in such a way that the upper half of your body moves in a very graceful and fluid way is one way to achieve a fast sprint across a play area. Holding the controller lightly by it's bulb and allowing the base of the controller to rotate with your movements or allowing the controller to dangle by it's wrist strap are other techniques that players use to dampen vibrations caused by moving and are an effective way to achieve larger movements or faster sprinting, graceful movements are key to becoming an expert joust player.

Free For all

It's usually better to wait and be defensive towards the beginning of the game, and more offensive later. The less players there are when attacking the greater the chance of success.

Strategic positioning

where you are positioned in a Joust match is key, towards the outside of the area is usually safer. Also being sandwiched between two players is a very weak position, as you will likely be attacked from behind by one of the players. Many of the kills in Joust happen because players are not aware of their surroundings, always be aware of the location of every player, especially if they are behind you.


The first thirty seconds are the most important for the werewolves, they must by stealthy as well as aggressive in order to gain the advantage once they are revealed later.

For more tips and tricks, Rami Ismail has a wonderful post here:

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