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You have just found "the Hub", the central GitHub repository collecting all adapter modules available via the AdapterHub platform.

πŸ“ If you're here because you would like to add you own adapter to AdapterHub: Great! This is exactly the place to go! Refer to our documentation on how to get started.

πŸ”Ž If you're searching for the code of AdapterHub: Please go to

❓ If you're here but don't know what all of the above is about: No problem! Check out our website at and our documentation at to learn about AdapterHub and to get started.

Structure of this Repository

This repository is divided into the following subfolders:

  • TEMPLATES contains templates for all different YAML info cards in this repository. We highly recommend you to use one of the available templates when adding your adapter, architecture, task etc. Auto-generated, do not modify anything here!

  • adapter_types contains info cards for all types of adapters supported by our framework

  • adapters is the place where all adapter info cards should go

  • architectures contains info cards for all available adapter architectures. Add your own architecture here!

  • dist contains generated files for adapters and architectures. Auto-generated, do not modify anything here!

  • scripts contains script for validating the submitted adapters and info cards

  • subtasks contains info cards for all available subtasks

  • tasks contains info cards for all available tasks

How To Contribute

Refer to the step-by-step guides in our documentation on how to contribute your adapters to the Hub.

Our template files are a good way to get started with any contribution to this repo.

AdapterHub CLI

The AdapterHub CLI provides command-line tools to help you contributing to the Hub, such as packaging adapters or validating filled-out yaml files.

To install the CLI from the cloned repository, you can run the following in this folder:

pip install -U ./scripts/.

Alternatively, you can install the CLI using:

pip install -U git+

Now you can use the pack pack command to interactively prepare your adapters for upload and submission to the Hub:

adapter-hub-cli pack <folder_with_models_or_adapters>

To validate yaml files, run:

adapter-hub-cli check path/to/adapter.yaml

Read more about the AdapterHub CLI in the documentation.


Please cite our paper when using AdapterHub for your work:

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