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Submitting patches

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For development and accepting patches, we use GitHub pull requests. Submitting a patch therefore requires a GitHub account in order tofor the pull request to be sent.

How to Submit a Patch

These instructions assume you are familiar with git and are primarily based on those which are found in GitHub's Documentation.

  1. Fork the parallella/epiphany-<reponame> repository, and either clone it or add it as a remote of your repository if you have cloned the upstream version. (If you do not know how to do this, check GitHub's Help.
  2. Commit your changes to your repository and push them back up to GitHub.
  3. Press the "Pull Request" button on the parallella/epiphany-<reponame> repository.
  4. Fill out the form to submit the pull request.
  5. Post on the Parallella SDK Forums that you have made the change, so that it can be seen and reviewed.

Once your patch has been reviewed, if it is accepted then it will then be pulled into the main repository.

Copyright Assignment

It is intended that changes made here are pushed up to the mainstream repositories where possible. In order to do this, we must assign all copyright to the Free Software Foundation for the GCC and sourceware repositories (see this page for more details). To allow contributed patches to also be pushed upstream, these also need to behave their copyright assigned to the FSF. If you already have the legal agreements with the FSF, you may do this yourself. Alternatively, you may assign copyright to Embecosm for the purpose of reassigning that copyright to the FSF as they already have the required agreements.

Tips for Good Patches

The following is an unsorted list of useful tips to making good patches that can be quickly pulled into a repository:

  • Well formatted code. All code should follow the GNU Coding Standards.
  • Comments. Good code should be well commented so that it is clear to understand what it does.
  • Changelog entries. Append your name and what you have done to the ChangeLog.epiphany or (if the former doesn't exist) ChangeLog file as per the GNU Change Log Style Guidelines so that it is clear when changes were made to the code.
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