simple cloudflare worker recipe to send logs into logdna
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simple cloudflare worker recipe to send logs into logdna

how to use

copy index.js content into your worker change myApp and myHostName into whatever you want, read the logdna Ingest API

  • requestsPerBatch - how many requests to maximum batch per request
  • maxRequestsAge - how much time to maximum old requests in the memory before sending it

about compiledPass

you should precompile your logdna ingestion key and store it in the compilePass parameters, you can simply type in console btoa(username+':'+password) where username is your ingestion key and password keep empty, and put the results into the parameter to save some cpu time(probably)

I left all the console.log command to better help you debug

logged parameters:

  • user agent
  • referer
  • ip
  • countryCode
  • url
  • colo
  • workerInception
  • method
  • x_forwarded_for
  • asn