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This plugin is a backport of Grails 2.x documentation (toc.yml, gdoc file structure without section numbers, fixed groovydoc duplicates, etc) to Grails 1.x projects. It provides three scripts.
+## Grails Doc Extensions
+The new-doc command has been improved slightly to set a maximum allowed table of contents depth for what is actually rendered in the ToC, not for what is available for links, etc.
+Configure this by using the grails.doc.tocDepth configuration parameter in Config.groovy. This defaults to Integer.MAX_VALUE in order to render all possible elements in the ToC.
## Groovydoc Extensions
The new-doc command has been improved to include or exclude folders for use in building the groovydoc.
@@ -64,6 +70,7 @@ This command installs the documentation stylesheets and images to src/docs/templ
## Release Notes
+* 0.3.1 - Added tocDepth configuration parameter
* 0.3.0 - Added publishing to PDF
* 0.2.0 - Added including and excluding of groovydoc
* 0.1.2 - Fixed issue #3 (Added install-doc-templates command and functionality)

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