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This plugin is a backport of Grails 2.x documentation (toc.yml, gdoc file structure without section numbers, fixed groovydoc duplicates, etc) to Grails 1.x projects. It provides three scripts.

Grails Doc Extensions

The new-doc command has been improved slightly to set a maximum allowed table of contents depth for what is actually rendered in the ToC, not for what is available for links, etc.

Configure this by using the grails.doc.tocDepth configuration parameter in Config.groovy. This defaults to Integer.MAX_VALUE in order to render all possible elements in the ToC.

Groovydoc Extensions

The new-doc command has been improved to include or exclude folders for use in building the groovydoc.

Excluding Folders

To exclude folders, use the following in Config.groovy:

grails.plugins.newdoc.exclusions = ['grails-app', 'src/groovy']

Only the following folders may be excluded as these are the only ones that are loaded:

  • grails-app
  • Any subdirectory of grails-app (ie domain, conf, controllers), but none of their subdirectories
  • src/groovy
  • src/java

Including Folders

If you wish to include certain folders, use the following syntax in Config.groovy:

grails.plugins.newdoc.inclusions = ['grails-app/domain']

Beware that if you add sub-folders of src/groovy or src/java or any folder in any grails-app sub-directory, you will likely end up with duplicates.

This functionality allows you to exclude all groovydocs except for some arbitrary set, such as:

grails.plugins.newdoc.exclusions = ['grails-app', 'src/groovy', 'src/java']
grails.plugins.newdoc.inclusions = ['grails-app/domain']

In this case, only the domain classes will be present in the GAPI generation.


grails new-doc

This command runs the documentation generation, including groovydoc and generating a guide if it exists at src/docs/guide. See for more information.

grails migrate-doc

This command migrates the Grails 1.x guide documentation into the 2.x format, including generating a links.yml file for legacy links.

grails install-doc-templates

This command installs the documentation stylesheets and images to src/docs/template. These templates can then be modified however is wished and when new-doc is run, these templates will be used. NOTE: If this directory exists, the files in it will be copied to the output no matter if anything exists or not.

Advantages of Grails 2.x Docs

  • Use of a single toc.yml file to control titles of pages/sections and their placement in the guide
  • No duplicates of classes in groovydoc (see
  • Improved look for the guide (just like the grails official docs)


  • Duplicates in groovydoc is avoided by using the patch in GRAILS-6530. A more elegant and stable method is actually implemented in Grails 2.x, but it involved another property in the build scripts. For this reason, only src/groovy, src/java, and grails-app are included in groovydoc generation.

Release Notes

  • 0.3.1 - Added tocDepth configuration parameter
  • 0.3.0 - Added publishing to PDF
  • 0.2.0 - Added including and excluding of groovydoc
  • 0.1.2 - Fixed issue #3 (Added install-doc-templates command and functionality)
  • 0.1.1 - Initial public release