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Assessment Results

Assessment Results is a presentation component bundled with the Adapt framework.

sample assessment results component

Assessment Results is used to display a single assessment's results. It can be used only in conjunction with adapt-contrib-assessment. Feedback and the opportunity to reattempt the assessment may be coordinated with range of scores, and most importantly, with the _scoreToPass variable from Assessment.

Visit the page dedicated to Usage and Tips.


As one of Adapt's core components, Assessment Results is included with the installation of the Adapt framework and the installation of the Adapt authoring tool.

  • If Assessment Results has been uninstalled from the Adapt framework, it may be reinstalled. With the Adapt CLI installed, run the following from the command line:
    adapt install adapt-contrib-assessmentResults

  • If Assessment Results has been uninstalled from the Adapt authoring tool, it may be reinstalled using the Plug-in Manager.


Important note: do not put the Assessment Results component in the same article as the assessment itself.

The settings listed below are the properties that may be configured within the authoring tool. Listed first is the name of the property as it is presented in the authoring tool. It is followed in parentheses by the property as it is used in the Assessment Results source code. Finally, an explanation is provided to help the course author better utilize the property.

The relationship between Assessment Results's properties and the way they are presented in the authoring tool’s interface is governed by properties.schema.

Title (title): A reference title for the component. Title is distinct from the Display Title which, if present, appears above the component. If Display Title is rather long, Title provides the opportunity to use a shortened form in tighter spaces, such as in a menu or in the drawer.

Display Title (displayTitle): Optional text that will display as a title above the component. It can be used as a headline. In the authoring tool, Title and Display Title may be linked for easy input. Click the chain icon to toggle linking.

Body (body): Optional text that appears above the component. It can be used in a variety of ways, including as an introduction to the content in the component. HTML is permitted.

Instruction (instruction): This optional text appears above the component. It is frequently used to guide the learner’s interaction with the component.

Classes (_classes): Custom classes predefined in the theme's Less files may be applied to this component. To do this, enter the name of the CSS class. If using more than one class, separate each with a space.

Layout (_layout): This defines the horizontal position of the component in the block that contains it. This property is set when the component is being added to the block. When Add to left or Add to right is selected, another component can occupy the space next to it. If Add is selected, the component spans the width of the containing block.

Assessment (_assessmentId): This value must match the _id of the assessment for which results should be displayed.

Show before assessment completion (_isVisibleBeforeCompletion): Determines whether this component will be visible as the learner enters the assessment article or if it will be displayed only after the learner completes all question components. Acceptable values are true or false.

_retry (_retry): This group contains values for Retry Button Text and Feedback Text.

Retry Button Text (button): Text that appears on the retry button.

Retry Text (feedback): This text is displayed only when both Allow Retry is true and more attempts remain (configured in adapt-contrib-assessment). It may make use of the following variables: {{{attemptsSpent}}}, {{{attempts}}}, {{{attemptsLeft}}}, {{{score}}}, {{{scoreAsPercent}}}, {{{maxScore}}}. These values are populated with data supplied by adapt-contrib-assessment. {{{feedback}}}, representing the feedback assigned to the appropriate band within this component, is also allowed.

Feedback Text (_completionBody): This text overwrites the standard Body attribute upon completion of the assessment. It may make use of the following variables: {{{attemptsSpent}}}, {{{attempts}}}, {{{attemptsLeft}}}, {{{score}}}, {{{scoreAsPercent}}}, {{{maxScore}}}. The variable {{{feedback}}}, representing the feedback assigned to the appropriate band, is also allowed.

Bands (_bands): Multiple items may be created. Each item represents the feedback and opportunity to retry for the appropriate range of scores. Bands contains values for Score, feedback, and Allow Retry.

Score (_score): This numeric value represents the raw score or percentile (as determined by the configuration of adapt-contrib-assessment) that indicates the low end or start of the range. The range continues to the next highest Score of another band.

feedback (feedback): This text will be displayed to the learner when the learner's score falls within this band's range. It replaces the {{{feedback}}} variable when the variable is used within Feedback Text.

Allow Retry (_allowRetry): Determines whether the learner will be allowed to reattempt the assessment. If the value is false, the learner will not be allowed to retry the assessment regardless of any remaining attempts.


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