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The Adapt authoring tool is a node app that provides a user interface for the Adapt framework.

This version of instructions contains only the essential details. A more detailed set of installation instructions is also provided. If you need assistance troubleshooting, consult the Adapt community's Technical Discussion Forum.

1. Install Prerequisites

Tip: for advice on installing the prerequisites on Windows, check out this page.

The authoring tool requires the following:

The following is optional, but can be used to provide thumbnails for image and video assets:

For your convenience...
git --version
node -v
nodist -v
nvm --version
npm -v
ffmpeg -version
mongod --version
grunt --version

Install Guides

software download installation
git downloads Getting Started: Installing Git
Node.js download installation on various operating systems or with package manager
Nodist download from GitHub installation
NVM download from GitHub installation
npm bundled with Node.js bundled with Node.js
MongoDB download installation guides
Robo 3T (formerly Robomongo) installation packages GitHub
FFmpeg download installation
grunt-cli download installation
adapt_authoring download from GitHub installation

To install the Grunt command-line interface globally:
npm install -g grunt-cli

Robo 3T is not required, but you might find it helpful in your work with MongoDB.

2. Clone the Adapt_Authoring Project

We recommend cloning the code using git (rather than just grabbing a zip), because it not only allows you to very easily pull in the latest updates non-destructively, but it also makes it easy to contribute changes back to the project! 🎁

Although it is usual to copy the Master branch of repositories on GitHub, the authoring tool is still in pre-release development and testing. The Develop branch is currently the default branch. That's the branch you want and will get using the git clone command below.

git clone

3. Run the Install Script

It is essential that you verify that the MongoDB service has started and is running. Installation will fail if the application cannot connect to MongoDB.

Navigate to the folder where you cloned adapt_authoring and run the following command:
npm install

The following and final script will help you configure the authoring tool. Most configuration questions will appear with a default answer already in place. And most times you can just accept the default values by pressing the Enter key. The only input you are required to provide are an email address and password for the super user account. (The questions about the super user account is not the same as the SMTP service or the master tenant.) The super user's email address and password will be used to login to the authoring tool.

FFmpeg is not used by default. When the question "Will ffmpeg be used?" N for no will appear as the default. If FFmpeg is installed and you want to use it, type Y before pressing the Enter key.

In the future the authoring tool will be able to send notifications via e-mail. Configuration questions will ask about SMTP service, SMTP username, SMTP password, and Sender email address. Because this is not yet functioning, your responses have no impact. Accept the default of "none" for the SMTP service and leave the others blank.

Run the following command.
node install

If the script succeeds, you'll receive the following message:
Done, without errors.
And you'll be instructed to
Run the command 'node server' (or 'foreman start' if using heroku toolbelt) to start your instance.

4. Run the Application

  1. Verify MongoDB service is running.

  2. Run the following command.
    node server
    As the server starts, it will report in the terminal:
    Server started listening on port 5000
    If your server is listening on a different port, take note of it.

  3. Open a browser and in the address bar type:
    localhost:5000 (If your server is listening on a different port, substitute your port for 5000.)

When the login page appears, enter the super user's e-mail address and password.

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