Upgrade to v0.1.0

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Instructions for upgrading a pre-release authoring tool to v0.1.0.

If you do not want to preserve any of the data within the pre-release tool:

  1. Delete the root directory of the authoring tool, adapt_authoring.
  2. Complete the installation using the install instructions found in the authoring tool wiki.

If you want to preserve the data:

  1. Get the latest code from GitHub
    Navigate into the tool's root directory (adapt_authoring).
    Run the following commands
    git fetch origin
    git checkout master && git pull
    This will update the authoring tool's code.

  2. Run npm install
    While in adapt_authoring, run the following command
    npm install
    This will update the modules required by the new version, including the Adapt framework.

  3. Recompile the code
    While in adapt_authoring, run the following command
    grunt build:prod

    The grunt file provides options. You may choose to run grunt build:prod or grunt build:dev depending on your needs. grunt build:prod uglifies the .js files, thereby decreasing download time. grunt build:dev does not, so it makes it easier to debug. If in doubt, use grunt build:prod.

  4. Run the application
    Ensure that MongoDB is running. While in adapt_authoring, run the following command
    node server
    Browse to 'localhost:5000'
    When the login page appears, enter the super user's e-mail address and password.