Core model attributes

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All core models inherit from AdaptModel (adaptModel.js) and contain the following attributes. An asterisk denotes that an attribute is required.

Attribute Description Default value
_id* A unique identifier. In the authoring tool, this is randomly generated.
_type* The type of the particular item. Examples include block and component.
title* The title of the particular item.
displayTitle This is the title that Adapt displays when viewing a course.
body The body text content of the particular item.
_canShowFeedback true
_classes ""
_canReset false
_isComplete Whether the item has been completed. false
_isInteractionComplete false
_requireCompletionOf -1
_isEnabled Controls the availability of the item. If _isEnabled is false, the item is disabled. true
_isResetOnRevisit false
_isAvailable true
_isOptional If set to true, the user will not be required to complete the component in order to complete the course. The completion of the component will still be tracked, but it will be ignored during any completion calculations. false
_isReady This is used to determine if the current item is ready (i.e. has been initialised). This needs to be set manually for custom components. For instance, this may be set to true post-render. false
_isVisible true
_isLocked Menus and other plug-ins can set its value using “_lockType”. Reference Locking objects with '_isLocked' and '_lockType' false
_questionWeight The weight of a particular question, which is used when calculating the score. 1
_buttons An object to store the label values for template buttons. Buttons can then be referenced in templates using {{{_buttons.submit}}} See fig.1.

Figure 1

"_buttons": { 
   "hideCorrectAnswer":"My Answer"