Commits on Jul 20, 2016
  1. Fully switch to go-redis

    zph committed Jul 20, 2016
    Since go-redis has a convenient way to do REDIS SCAN, this commit
    removes other dependency on prior redis lib.
  2. Use SCAN and add support for redis://:password@hostname:port?db=1 urls

    zph committed Jul 20, 2016
    Use REDIS SCAN instead of KEYS
    SCAN preferred to KEYS for production use, thus syncing use:
    Warning: consider KEYS as a command that should only be used in
    production environments with extreme care. It may ruin performance when
    it is executed against large databases. This command is intended for
    debugging and special operations, such as changing your keyspace layout.
    Don't use KEYS in your regular application code. If you're looking for a
    way to find keys in a subset of your keyspace, consider using SCAN or
    Optional URL Input Format
    Adds support for redis:// type urls which are used in redis-cli, with
    the optional extension of `?db=1` if db needs to be non-zero.
    Adds specs to verify the behavior. Preferentially chooses that type of
    link parsing if the url starts with redis:// prefix. Otherwise falls
    through to existing behavior.