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Sort Heroku aliases

* Use standardized remotes `staging` and `production`
* Sort aliases into activities rather than environments
* Add more specific `git add` aliases
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1 parent b9cb2e7 commit 11bdc522e26f47c4edc078c967d7cc47c8549a46 Adarsh Pandit committed Nov 23, 2012
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@@ -1,10 +1,4 @@
-# Yammer
-alias yam-deploy-staging='git push staging && heroku run rake db:migrate --app scheddo-staging'
-alias yam-deploy-production='git push production && heroku run rake db:migrate --app scheddo-prod'
-alias yam='cd ~/dev/yammer/'
-alias yamux='teamocil --here yammer'
-# Servers
+# Local servers
alias fs='clear && foreman start -p 3000'
alias rs='rails server'
@@ -25,7 +19,8 @@ alias bmr='bundle && migrate && time rake'
# git
alias g='git'
-alias ga='git add .'
+alias ga='git add'
+alias gaa='git add .'
alias gb='git branch'
alias gcb='git checkout -b'
alias gci='git pull --rebase && rake && git push'
@@ -74,18 +69,30 @@ alias tmux="TERM=screen-256color-bce tmux"
alias -g L='| wc -l'
alias -g ONE='| awk '{ print \$1}''
-# Heroku staging
+# Heroku Deploy
+alias deploy-staging='git push staging && heroku run rake db:migrate --remote staging'
+alias deploy-production='git push production && heroku run rake db:migrate --remote staging'
+# Heroku console
alias staging='heroku run console --remote staging'
-alias staging-process='watch heroku ps --remote staging'
-alias staging-releases='heroku releases --remote staging'
+alias production='heroku run console --remote production'
+# Heroku log tailing
alias staging-tail='heroku logs --tail --remote staging'
+alias production-tail='heroku logs --tail --remote production'
-# Heroku production
-alias production='heroku console --remote production'
+# Heroku proceses
+alias staging-process='watch heroku ps --remote staging'
alias production-process='watch heroku ps --remote production'
+# Heroku releases
+alias staging-releases='heroku releases --remote staging'
alias production-releases='heroku releases --remote production'
-alias production-tail='heroku logs --tail --remote production'
# Heroku databases
alias db-pull-staging='heroku db:pull --remote staging --confirm `basename $PWD`-staging'
alias db-pull-production='heroku db:pull --remote production --confirm `basename $PWD`-production'
+# Yammer
+alias yam='cd ~/dev/yammer/'
+alias yamux='teamocil --here yammer'

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