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The first path seems to be dominant - to what extent is this gendered?

This splits into either learning de novo (like myself) or knowing another OOP language and adapting to Rails syntax and conventions. The second seems to be more dominant.

I would be curious to do a very short survey of the Rails community via Google Docs to determine the split on this. I love data.

Here are some other things I think are interesting about learning Rails.

  • How much learning needs to be in-person (workshops, mentorship, apprenticeships, meetups, etc) and why (quick unblocking, ?)
  • Theory is useful, but practice is 10x more useful than theory
  • Why modern web development isnt really taught in most universities and why most Rails developers are self-taught (Don't know the answer to this, or if it's true yet)
  • What kind of temperament is required (self-driven/motivated, able to work through frustrating circumstances)
  • How much of development requires creativity and how that plays within work structures/frameworks like Agile

Close with a plug for the Trail Maps and rationale for using it as a learning resource.

Might kick off with a list of the crazy number of new learning resources and huge demand for developers.

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