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<div class="background"></div>
- <div id="hint">an <a href="">impress.js</a> presentation by <a href="">John Polacek</a>
+ <div id="hint">an <a href="">impress.js</a> presentation by <a href="">Adarsh Pandit</a>
- use the spacebar or arrow keys to navigate</div>
<div id="impress" class="impress-not-supported">
<div id="title" class="step" data-x="540" data-y="600" data-scale="4.5">
<div class="big bold">
- <div id="title-text1">What The Heck Is</div>
- <div id="title-text2">Responsive</div>
- <div id="title-text3">Web Design?</div>
+ <div id="title-text1">Mommy, Where</div>
+ <div id="title-text2">do Rails Developers</div>
+ <div id="title-text3">Come From?</div>
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+The first path seems to be dominant - to what extent is this gendered?
+This splits into either learning de novo (like myself) or knowing
+another OOP language and adapting to Rails syntax and conventions. The
+second seems to be more dominant.
+I would be curious to do a very short survey of the Rails community via
+Google Docs to determine the split on this. I love data.
+Here are some other things I think are interesting about learning Rails.
+* How much learning needs to be in-person (workshops, mentorship,
+apprenticeships, meetups, etc) and why (quick unblocking, ?)
+* Theory is useful, but practice is 10x more useful than theory
+* Why modern web development isnt really taught in most universities
+and why most Rails developers are self-taught (Don't know the answer
+to this, or if it's true yet)
+* What kind of temperament is required (self-driven/motivated, able to
+work through frustrating circumstances)
+* How much of development requires creativity and how that plays
+within work structures/frameworks like Agile
+Close with a plug for the Trail Maps and rationale for using it as a
+learning resource.
+Might kick off with a list of the crazy number of new learning
+resources and huge demand for developers.
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+* What is the primary framework in which you program? (Rails admit, else bounce)
+* What is your gender?
+* What is your age?
+* What is your highest level of education and degree?
+* What languages did you learn in school?
+* How long have you been a developer?
+* How long have you been using Ruby on Rails?
+* What languges did you use prior to RoR? (none, languages)
+* How did you initially become aware of RoR? (Reading blogs, meetups, Had to learn for work, school)
+* Why did you choose to learn Rails over other languages?
+* What resources did you use in learning Ruby on Rails?
+* What percent of your learning has come from books?
+* What percent of your learning has come from online tutorials?
+* What percent of your learning has come from pair programming?
+* What percent of your learning has come from workshops?
+* What percent of your learning has come from meetups?
+* Where do you think most Rails devs learn the framework? (Books, School, In-Person)

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