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RespecTube is a React app that is imitating a video streaming website but with an abuse-detection system that blocks toxic/inappropriate comments.
The purpose of the app is for me to demonstrate my ability to work with APIs within a well designed App.

*Disclaimer: I deployed the app on the 6th or March and am planning to refactor the code in the next weeks.

How to test out the app

Scroll down to the comment section, play out with the API.
To try out the offensive detection, try to comment: "This music is garbage !" (you can be more imaginative here 😁)

APIs Description

Youtube API

I used the Youtube Data v3 API to get the video details (Description, number of views, video title, etc...)
API Documentation:

ParallelDots API

ParallelDots API enables the detection of abusive or hateful terms. I am using a POST axios request and get an object response with the detection results.
Explore more:
API Documentation:

Comment Section

The comments are purposefully hard-coded so I keep control on what is being displayed when the app is explored. I do not want bad surprise and it enables me to add a touch of humour.
If I would have wanted to add real comments, I could have got the data using the same Youtube API.