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A PowerShell module to work with the Azure Speech Services text to speech API
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AzTextToSpeech is a PowerShell module created to work with the Azure Cognitive Services (Speech Services) Text-to-Speech API. It was built to help users more easily manage and test their text-to-speech ecosystem.

This module will help you collect up your training data using New-TrainingDataPackage, build transcripts with New-Transcript, quickly retrieve your custom endpoints and provide a way to quickly test SSML using the ConvertTo-Speech function.


There are two ways you can use this module. You can either sign up for a free trial key here or you can use an Azure Cognitive Services account which requires an Azure account.

If you're just using the free trial API key, you will need:

  1. Your API Key
  2. The Az.CognitiveServices PowerShell module

If you are already have an Azure account and are not using the free trial key, you will need:

  1. An Azure Cognitive Services account. Link with instructions
  2. Authenticated to Azure in your PowerShell session (Connect-AzAccount)
  3. The Az.CognitiveServices PowerShell module

Getting Started

Setting up Configuration Values

All configuration you need to do ahead and time is located in the configuration.json file.

Free Trial Key

If you are not using an Azure Cognitive Services account, you will need to set the following configuration values in configuration.json:

You will then need to save your API key encrypted in configuration.json. To do that, run Save-ApiKey -Key <YourKeyHere>. This will encrypt and save the key for use by the module later.

Cognitive Services Account

If you are using an Azure Cognitive Services account, you will need to set the following configuration values in configuration.json:

You can find the token endpoint, subscription region and account information by running Get-AzCognitiveServicesAccount | Select-Object -Property Endpoint,AccountName,ResourceGroupName,Location.

    "TokenEndpoint": "https://<SUBSCRIPTIONREGIONHERE>",
    "APIKey": "",
    "CustomEndpoints": [{
        "Name": "",
        "Uri": ""
    "SubscriptionRegion": "",
    "CognitiveServicesAccount": {
        "Name": "",
        "ResourceGroupName": ""

Grabbing your first token

You'll need a token to authenticate to Azure and AzTextToSpeech has made it easy. Simply run Connect-AzTextToSpeech after the module is imported. This will use values in your configuration.json file and issue a token saving in the module scope to be reused. Tokens are only good for 10 minutes but the module has retry capabilities built in if it fails due to a token expiration issue. If so, it will automatically get another token for you.

Building Training Data

The text-to-speech API requires data to be in a specific format. You need WAV files in a specific order with a specifically formatted transcript no larger than 200MB which AzTextToSpeech calls a training data package.


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