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Adblock Plus app for Android
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Adblock Plus for Android

An Android app that runs a proxy to block ads.

Updating the dependencies

Adblock Plus for Android has dependencies that aren't in this repository. To update those, call:


Buildling with Ant



In the project directory, create the file and set sdk.dir and ndk.dir to where you installed it, e.g.:

sdk.dir = /some/where/sdk
ndk.dir = /some/where/ndk

Then run:

ant debug


Connect an Android device or start the Android Emulator, then run:

ant debug install

Finally, you can run Adblock Plus from the launcher.

Building with Eclipse



  1. Ensure the NDKROOT environment variable points to your NDK directory.
  2. Select Import in the File menu, then Existing Android Projects Into Workspace.
  3. Select the project directory (adblockplusandroid) as Root Directory.
  4. Select the projects Adblock Plus, library and android-switch-backport.
  5. Revert any local changes to .classpath in adblockplusandroid and adblockplusandroid/submodules/android-switch-backport.


  1. Connect an Android device or start the Android Emulator.
  2. In Eclipse, select the Adblock Plus project, then run it as an Android Application.
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