Firefox extension running Adblock Plus unit tests
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Adblock Plus Tests


The adblockplustests repository contains the test suite for the Adblock Plus extension in Firefox. This test suite is itself a separate Firefox extension which interacts with the Adblock Plus extension in order to test it. (It is therefore assumed that the tests should pass when the latest available revisions of adblockplus and adblockplustests are used in combination.)

Some of the tests in this test suite are also reused by the Chrome/Opera/Safari version of Adblock Plus. Please see the adblockpluschrome repository for details on how to run the tests there.


To test your changes to Adblock Plus for Firefox you will need to build and install both your modified version of the extension and the test suite. For each project you will need to type the following:

./ build

This will create a build with a name in the form adblockplus[tests]-1.2.3.nnnn.xpi, which you can then manually add to Firefox.

Alternatively, to speed up the process, you can install the Extension Auto-Installer extension. Assuming that Extension Auto-Installer is configured to use port 8888 (the default value), you can build and install in one step by running:

./ autoinstall 8888

Once both the Adblock Plus and Adblock Plus Tests extensions have been built and installed you can run the test suite by opening the Firefox Add-ons Manager, pressing the "Preferences" button for the Adblock Plus Tests extension and then pressing the "Run" button.

Things to note:

  • The test suite can take some time to run, sometimes several minutes.
  • If you re-install the Adblock Plus Tests extension you will need to re-load the preferences page before pressing "Run" again. Otherwise the tests will not re-start.
  • Some tests are currently known to fail (sometimes depending on your browser version and configuration). It is recommended to run the test suite first, before making any changes, to check which tests are expected to fail.