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Shared Adblock Plus UI code

The user interface elements defined in this repository will be used by various Adblock Plus products like Adblock Plus for Firefox. Their functionality can be tested within this repository, even though they might not work exactly the same as they will do in the final product.

Directory structure

  • Top-level files:
    • firstRun.html and firstRun.js: First-run page, see below
    • i18n.js: Localization functions, should be included by all pages.
    • messageResponder.js: Script to be used on the background page to respond to messages sent by UI code.
    • background.html, background.js: Test implementation of the background page, should not be imported.
    • new-options.html, new-options.js: Options page, see below
    • subscriptions.xml: Test subscription data, should not be imported
  • locale directory: Localized strings, with one directory per locale. The Firefox format for locale identifiers is used (xx-YY where xx is the language code and YY the optional region code). The localization strings themselves are stored in the JSON format, like the one used by Chrome extensions. There is one JSON file per HTML page, file names of HTML page and JSON file should match.
  • skin directory: CSS files and any additional resources (images and fonts) required for these.
  • ext directory: Test implementation of the abstraction layer. This one should not to be imported, these files should rather be replaced by product-specific versions providing the same interface.


In Firefox and Safari the HTML pages can be opened directly from the file system and should be fully functional. Due to security restrictions in Chrome, there you need to pass in the --allow-file-access-from-files command line flag when starting the application. Alternatively, you can run (requires Python 2.7) and open the HTML pages under URLs like

Various aspects of the pages can be tested by setting parameters in the URL. The only universal parameter is locale, e.g. ?locale=es-AR. This parameter overrides browser's locale which will be used by default.


Translations for the strings in this project are managed using the online Crowdin platform. To synchronise with Crowdin you can use the build script. To get a list of the possible commands type ./ -t generic at the command line. (You will also need the Crowdin API key for the project.)


This is the implementation of the Adblock Plus first-run page that will show up whenever changes are applied automatically to user's Adblock Plus configuration. This will usually happen when the user first installs Adblock Plus (initial setup), but it can also happen in case the user's settings get lost.

To aid testing, the behavior of this page is affected by a number of URL parameters:

  • platform, platformVersion, application, applicationVersion: sets application parameters that are normally determined by Adblock Plus. Using ?platform=safari&platformVersion=5.0 should trigger a warning.
  • filterlistsReinitialized: setting these parameters to true should trigger warnings referring to issues detected by Adblock Plus.
  • blockedURLs: a comma-separated list of URLs that should be considered blocked (necessary to test the check for blocked scripts in sharing buttons).


This is the new implementation of the Adblock Plus options page which will be the primary UI for changing settings and for managing filter lists.

To aid testing, the behavior of this page is affected by a number of URL parameters:

  • addonVersion: sets addon version application parameter that is used for creating the link to the version-specific release notes
  • addSubscription=true: this parameter should trigger a dialog for adding subscriptions as initiated by clicking on an "abp:subscribe" link
  • filterError=true: causes filter validation to fail, showing validation errors when adding new filters on the options page
  • blockedURLs: a comma-separated list of URLs that should be considered blocked (necessary to test the check for blocked scripts in sharing buttons).
  • downloadStatus: sets downloadStatus parameter for filter lists, can be used to trigger various filter list download errors
  • platform=chromium: shows the opt-out for the developer tools panel
  • safariContentBlocker=true: sets Safari content blocker mock API
  • showNotificationUI=true: simulates user having opted-out of notifications