Adcash plugin for cocos2dx platform
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Adcash Plugin for Cocos2D-X

Supported Platforms

  • iOS

Plugin features include :

  • Support for Banner Ads
  • Support for Interstitial
  • Banner positions(top/bottom)
  • Ad event listeners

And requirements are :

  • Cocos2D-X
  • An ad zone ID
  • Target of 7.0 or higher


  1. Download or clone the repository.
  2. Find your project from ios/mac folder and launch xcodeproject.
  3. Drag and drop Adcash.framework, Adcash.bundle and AdcashCocos2dXPlugin.framework to your project and make sure you select Copy files if needed.

Implementation & Configuration

Add this to your HelloWorldScene.h:

#include "ProtocolAds.h"
    cocos2d::plugin::ProtocolAds *_adcashSDK = NULL;

and add this to your HelloWorldScene.cpp:

#include "PluginManager.h"
using namespace cocos2d::plugin;
bool HelloWorld::init()
_adcashSDK = dynamic_cast<ProtocolAds*>(PluginManager::getInstance()->loadPlugin("AdcashSDK_plugin"));

// Configure plugin
TAdsDeveloperInfo devInfo = TAdsDeveloperInfo();
devInfo["bannerZoneId"] = "YOUR_BANNER_ZONE_ID_HERE";
devInfo["interstitialZoneId"] = "YOUR_INTERSTITIAL_ZONE_ID_HERE";


Add this snippet to your HelloWorldScene.cpp:

TAdsInfo info = TAdsInfo();
info["adType"] = "1"; // 1 for banner
info["adSize"] = "0"; // is Smart banner
_adcashSDK->showAds(info, ProtocolAds::AdsPos::kPosBottom);


Add this snippet to your HelloWorldScene.cpp:

TAdsInfo info = TAdsInfo();
info["adType"] = "2" // for interstitial
_adcashSDK->showAds(info, ProtocolAds::AdsPos::kPosBottom);
// position for interstitial is ignored


If you need to listen delegates for the ad request, do these additions; In HelloWorldScene.h, add:

    void onAdsResult(int code, std::string& msg);

And in HelloWorldScene.cpp, add:

bool HelloWorld::init()
    std::function<void(int, std::string&)> callback = std::bind(&HelloWorld::onAdsResult, this, std::placeholders::_1, std::placeholders::_2);


void HelloWorld::onAdsResult(int code, std::string& msg)
    log("OnAdsResult, code: %d, msg: %s", code, msg.c_str());


If you need any support or assistance, you can contact us by sending email to .