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twistcli-scan-image-orb for CircleCI

What is this?

With this orb you can easily integrate Twistlock vulnerability and compliance issue scans into your CircleCI Workflows. You can set thresholds for vulnerabilities and compliance issues and fail builds that exceed them. You can also skip failing on vulnerabilities unless they have a vendor fix version.

Note: Twistlock is commercial software, so you'll need a license before using this orb.

How to get started

Big idea: If you follow this approach, all you really need is the boilerplate config.yml and your image name

Reference docs here:

1. Create a "CI User" in Twistlock and note the user name and password you use. Also note down the URL to the Twistlock Console including port.

Create a context

2. Create a new Context in the CircleCI app. Use tl_scan_context to align with the example in config.yml

Create a context

3. Add environment variables for TL_USER, TL_PASS, TL_CONSOLE_URL as noted in step 1.

Create a context

4. Adapt the example config.yml to your environment

leave this boilerplate to use the orb, use the orb's executor and its directory, and checkout your repo

version: 2.1

  twistcli: twistlock/twistcli-scan@1.0.3

    executor: twistcli/default
      - checkout

1. change the image name here to your image

      - run: docker build -t myrepo/myimage:tag .

leave this to use the default Workspace name where we will store the docker image tar before scanning

      - run: mkdir -p workspace

2. change the image name here to your image

      - run: docker save myrepo/myimage:tag -o workspace/image.tar

leave this boilerplate to save the image tar with its default name to the workspace

      - persist_to_workspace:
          root: workspace
              - image.tar

leave this Workflow boilerplate to invoke the job above and run the twistcli/scan-image job in the orb using the default Context with your credentials in it

      - docker-build-and-save
      - twistcli/scan-image:
            - docker-build-and-save
          context: tl_scan_context
          image-tar: image.tar

3. change the image name here to your image

          image: myrepo/myimage:tag

optional: add/modify any desired options for vuln-thresh, comp-thresh, only-fixed

          vuln-thresh: high
          comp-thresh: critical

Reference docs here:

5a. See the results in CircleCI

Create a context

Create a context

5b. See the results in the Twistlock Console

Create a context

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