Munkres (aka Hungarian) algorithm for JS
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Munkres implementation for Javascript

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The Munkres module provides an O(n³) implementation of the Munkres algorithm (also called the Hungarian algorithm or the Kuhn-Munkres algorithm). The algorithm models an assignment problem as an N×M cost matrix, where each element represents the cost of assigning the ith worker to the jth job, and it figures out the least-cost solution, choosing a single item from each row and column in the matrix, such that no row and no column are used more than once.


var munkres = require('munkres-js');

  [400, 150, 400],
  [400, 450, 600],
  [300, 225, 300]
// => [ [ 0, 1 ], [ 1, 0 ], [ 2, 2 ] ]

Returns the list of matrix indices corresponding to the optimal assignment.

When used in the browser, the global computeMunkres function is exposed.

See the docs in munkres.js for more details.


This module is a translation of a Python implementation by Brian Clapper.

The original implementation is based on

It is available via bower and npm as munkres-js.


© 2014 Anna Henningsen (Conversion to JS)

© 2008 Brian M. Clapper


Apache License 2.0. See accompanying LICENSE file.