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A repo containing different tools for OpenWRT i consider useful.
Branch: packages-19.07
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Signed-off-by: Andreas Nilsen <>
Latest commit 2db4f10 Jan 14, 2020

OpenWRT 19.07 - Useful Tools

(For WiFi Pineapples v2.6.0 or above)

Here you will find ALOT of different tools (both binaries and installation-packages) that i consider useful!
There are seperate branches for different versions of OpenWRT (Hak5 firmwares)
Packages for the older firmwares can be found at the packages-15.05 branch of this repo, which will also continue on getting updates!


Are very much appreciated!
Alot of my spare-time goes to keeping software up-to-date with the Pineapples, and helping out the community in general!
It really helps me so i can continue on with this work. :)


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