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working sslstrip2+ dnsproxy for the wifi pineapple tetra+nano. (chaos calmer - openwrt)
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SSLstrip2 + DNS2Proxy - For WiFi Pineapple NANO + TETRA

Working version of SSLstrip2 with HSTS bypassing.

Getting Started

SSH to your Pineapple. Download/launch the script to install SSLstrip2.


wget -qO- | bash -s -- -v -v

Running the tools

python /usr/share/sslstrip2/
python /usr/share/dns2proxy/

When running dns2proxy, it's a good idea to traverse to the directory before launching it. (Running with ./ from the directory" If not, you might encounter errors about missing files, such as: nospoof.cfg.


  • Thanks to the authors of ssltrip2 and dns2proxy!
  • Lack of updated python libraries inspired me to get this working myself.
  • Do not use these tools to do anything i would do! ;)
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