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shblog by AddiKT1ve <>
shblog is distributed under the terms of the GPL v3.


### Any way

$ git clone git://
$ cd shblog
# ./

You can optionally use a prefix with, such as:

$ ./ $HOME/shlog

### Arch Linux way

Arch users may want to install shblog-git from the AUR:

### shblog + httpd

Call shblog gen to generate HTML files; thus you just have to create a symlink:

$ ln -s $STATICDIR /var/www/shblog

Assuming that your DocumentRoot is /var/www/, your blog should be available at


In order to run shblog, its configuration has to be copied to $HOME/.config.
Make sure that $HOME/.config directory already exists!

$ cp -r /etc/shblog $HOME/.config/

Basically, all you need to edit is in $CONFDIR/shblog.conf.
If you wish to use the upload function, please edit $CONFDIR/upload.conf.
Enabled modules are listed in $CONFDIR/modules.conf.


You will mainly use the "post" command:

$ shblog post [post-title]

This command creates a new .shpost file in $DATADIR/year/month/day/.
Once you're finished with editing your new post, shblog will automatically do
the generation job. But if you edit your .shpost file later, you will need to
launch the HTML generation process by yourself:

$ shblog gen single <post-id>

And if you need to update your blog's index:

$ shblog gen index

I know it **can** be improved. So please:

Enjoy using shblog :-)
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