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#Master Class: Programming on Supercomputers ##Charles Stuart University ###Mark Addinall - June 2015

In this master class you will learn how to program and maintain parallel systems. During the course you will have real time access to one of the world’s fastest super computers where you will run simulations, develop statistical learning systems, machine learning and learn to code simple bots.

Some of the areas covered will include:

  • Porting code to the Xeon Phi
  • Coding Linear Methods for Regression
  • Model Assessment and Selection
  • Additive Models, Trees and Related Methods
  • Support Vector Machines and Flexible Discriminants
  • Neural Networks
  • Developing using Prototype Methods and Nearest Neighbours
  • Clusters serve up a challenge
  • Australian grid computing
  • Gathering in Clusters
  • Distributed Computing: Power Grid
  • Thread Programming
  • Parallel Computing Overview
  • Cluster Computing: Introduction and System Architecture
  • Parallel Programming Models and Paradigms
  • MPI Programming and Executing MPI using PBS
  • Economic Scheduling Algorithms
  • Programming in R on MIC systems
  • C Programming on MIC (Xeon Phi)
  • Issues with Cluster systems
  • The future of HPC and parallel programming

The Lab work will mainly be based on code you will write, compile and configure using the C and C++ programming languages on the supercomputer accounts provided.

#Exam Week

##Practical Exam on the supercomputer