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It is a waste of time to find missing dependencies. Especially for people following the README.

This PR solves the cryptic

Note: this library uses namespaces so please remember to add the relevant use clauses.

Clemens Tolboom Add more libs to composer.json

I suspect it's good to improve the readme. However specifying these libraries here fixes their version here and gives you a possibly incomplete list with possibly not needed items. The one here so far is certainly incomplete if you want to work with Wikidata.

addshore commented Feb 8, 2017

This relates to something that I have had sat in my inbox for a while which I have not yet created.
addwiki should have a wikidata-api specific lib.
This would essentially contain a factory & stuff to help using the library with wikidata

I have filed regarding this.
as a result I probably won't merge this PR!


Fair enough not take in this PR. :)

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