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ThinkPad X230 Debian Openbox


Aspire A514 Debian Fluxbox



Both ThinkPad X230 & Aspire A514

  • Distro Debian Buster
  • Display Server X11
  • Display Manager LightDM
  • Greeter LightDM GTK Greeter
  • Desktop Environment None
  • Launcher Rofi
  • Terminal URxvt
  • Compositor Compton
  • GTK Theme Arc
  • Icons Faba
  • Cursor Breeze
  • Web Browser Chromium VA-API
  • VA-API Driver i965-va-driver
  • Encoder/Decoder ffmpeg
  • Task Manager HTOP
  • Power Manager TLP
  • Image Viewer Viewnior
  • Sound Mixer PulseAudio
  • Policy Kit Frontend Gnome Polkit
  • Notification Daemon Dunst
  • Pager Less
  • CLI Shell Fish
  • CLI File Manager Ranger
  • CLI Image Viewer Caca
  • CLI Text Editor Vim
  • GUI Text Editor Geany
  • Graphic Editor GIMP
  • Vector Drawer Inkscape
  • Screenshooter scrot
  • Wallpaper Handler Hsetroot
  • Brightness Manager xbacklight
  • Music Player Audacious
  • Office Suite LibreOffice
  • Printer Driver GutenPrint

ThinkPad X230

  • Non-free Drivers Broadcom Bluetooth & Intel Wifi
  • WM Openbox
  • Panel i3status piped to Lemonbar
  • Start Menu LXMenu-Data piped to Openbox-Menu
  • File Manager PCManFM, GVFS, LibMTP
  • System Tray Trayer
  • Archiver XArchiver
  • Video Player MPV
  • Network Manager WICD

Aspire A514

  • Non-free Drivers Realtek Audio & Atheros Wifi
  • WM Fluxbox
  • Panel Fluxbox Toolbar (Tray icon theme is Diminished)
  • Start Menu Fluxbox Menu (~/.fluxbox/menu edited manually)
  • File Manager Thunar, Thunar Volman, Tumblr, GVFS, LibMTP
  • Archiver File Roller
  • PDF Reader Evince
  • Video Player Parole
  • Battery Applet Xfce4 Power Manager
  • Clipboard Manager Clipit
  • Sound Applet PNMixer
  • Network Applet nm-applet

How I Restore My Setup

  • Install Debian Buster minimal, without any DE
  • Enable contrib and non-free repository (/etc/apt/sources.list)
  • Connect to the internet
  • Install git
  • Clone this repo git clone --depth=1 ~/.dotfiles
  • Deploy the dotfiles cp -a ~/.dotfiles/. ~
  • Restore the packages sh ~/.scripts/openboxpack or sh ~/.scripts/fluxboxpack
  • Add user to sudoers using visudo
  • Change the systemclock to localtime timedatectl set-local-rtc 1 then set the time in BIOS (because I set my BIOS clock to localtime insted of UTC)
  • Change the default CLI Shell chsh $(whoami) -s /usr/bin/fish
  • Edit some system configuration, example in ~/.dotfiles/.system
  • Reboot
  • Fix some errors
  • Start working

Keybinds & Mousebinds

Both Openbox & Fluxbox Are Same

  • Super + Enter launch URxvt
  • Super + D launch Rofi with wrapper script
  • Super + Space launch root menu (like right click on the desktop)
  • Alt + Tab switch to next window
  • Alt + Shift + Tab switch to previous window
  • Control + Alt + Left/Right switch to previous/next workspace
  • Control + Alt + Up/Down switch to previous/next window, just like Alt + Tab
  • Super + Arrows "Aero Snap"
  • Super + 1-4 switch to workspace 1-4
  • Super + Shift + 1-4 take the current active window to workspace 1-4
  • Super + Shift + Left/Right take the current active window to prev/next workspace
  • Super + Alt + Arrows switch focus to other window in the desired direction
  • Super + Control + Arrows teleport
  • Super + A central the current focus window
  • Super + C close
  • Super + Z minimize
  • Super + F maximize
  • Super + T toggle the window decoration
  • Super + U roll up the window
  • Super + Shift + Backspace reload, do this after modify the configuration files
  • Double Click Titlebar maximize
  • Scroll Up Titlebar roll up window
  • Scroll Down Titlebar restore rolled up window
  • Double Click Desktop list opened programs, so I could survive without a taskbar (Openbox only)
  • Hold Control While Dragging Window tabbing mode (Fluxbox only)
  • Scrol Up/Down on Volume (Panel) turn up/down the volume
  • ..More keybinds just read the ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml or ~/.fluxbox/keys file

Mouse Action on Lemonbar (Openbox only)

  • Click on Disk (Panel) launch PCManFM
  • Click on Volume (Panel) open Pavucontrol
  • Click on SSID (Panel) open WICD
  • Click on CPU Load (Panel) open HTOP


  • If you want to use this configuration, inspect the code before use.
  • If you find "addy" in the configuration file, replace it with your own username.
  • My Wifi interface is wlp3s0 & my ethernet interface is enp0s25 (ThinkPad X230), if you find them in the configuration file, replace with your own. Use ip a to find yours.
  • My Wifi interface is wlp2s0 & my ethernet interface is enp1s0 (Aspire A514), if you find them in the configuration file, replace with your own. Use ip a to find yours.


My personal backup of my dotfiles on ThinkPad-X230-Debian-Openbox and Aspire-A514-Debian-Fluxbox






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