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Modified Spine / Backbone Todos

Summary of 2 Todo examples based on Spine and Backbone JavaScript libraries.

Both examples work in conjunction with CakePHP framework as the backend.

Live Demo

Checkout the live Backbone based demo and Spine based demo


  • Todo CRUD
  • Login (Backbone only)
  • Server Storage persistens
  • Toggle Local Storage <-> Server Storage persistens (Backbone only)
  • Mark all Tasks done/undone in memory and sync later
  • Drag'n Drop to reorder Tasks


  1. Checkout the Git repository
  2. Create MySql Databases todos_backbone and/or todos_spine
  3. Save database.php.default as database.php, fill in your login and password values
  4. Setup your MySql server using *.sql files located in root directory
  5. Check out js files under /app/webroot/js/spine/app/todos respectively /app/webroot/js/backbone/app/todos to see how everything works



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