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Backbone-on-Rails Gem #11

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Hi Addy,

first, thanks for your Backbone-boilerplate examples and your writings on BackboneJS. I am learning a lot from these.

I have adapted your Rails example, which uses the Gem Backbone-Rails to an example that uses the Gem Backbone-on-Rails by @meleyal
The main diference is the setup of the Application view, and a slight modification of the client-side MVC file structure.
I was playing with this in the context of learning more on Rails-based client-side MVC, and maybe it's helpful for others.
Thanks for your feedback.


Patrick Mulder added some commits

Thanks for this @mulderp! (and my apologies for the delay in taking a look at your pull request).

Do you think it makes sense to create a Rails sub-section in the readme for the setups we provide which involve Rails? We seem to be building up a few variations at the moment.


Sounds like a good idea.
Additionally, we might think in using separate repositories. That would have the advantage to get some numbers who is following what backend-stack, and how much change there are in commits / interest.

The server stacks that I read about in books or user groups are JS/Node - Ruby/Rails/Sinatra - PHP - Java/Grails - Python


But I will think about some small text in the README for the Rails setup so far. Update in the next days hopefully.

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