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# A little build script for compiling the HTML, ePub and RTF versions of the book.
# use with sh in this directory
#pandoc is the path to the pandoc executable. It can either simply be 'pandoc',
#or if you require a custom path just replace it with that path.
#e.g /Users/apple/Desktop/usr/local/bin/pandoc
pandoc -s ../ -o ../index.html -c style.css --include-in-header=head.html --include-before-body=author.html --include-before-body=share.html --include-after-body=stats.html --title-prefix='Developing Backbone.js Applications'
pandoc -s -S ../ -t epub --epub-metadata=metadata.xml -o ../backbone-fundamentals.epub --epub-stylesheet=../epub.css --title-prefix='Developing Backbone.js Applications' --epub-cover-image=../img/cover.jpg
pandoc -s title.txt -S ../ -o ../backbone-fundamentals.rtf
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