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This is fork of Paul Uithol's great backbone-tastypie conversion layer to make backbone.js and django-tastypie work together happily.

This fork adds AMD support so you can load backbone-tastypie.js using a require library like requirejs.


This software assumes you are using the AMD optimised version of backbone. This is required because backbone-tastypie-amd will rely on backbone being a registered module with its own requirements (such as underscore) defined.


  1. Add backbone_tastypie to your INSTALLED_APPS setting.
  2. Ensure that your main.js knows the paths of backbone (the AMD optimised version!) and backbone-tastypie. For example:

    require.config({ paths: { "backbone": "/static/js/backbone", "backbone-tastypie": "/static/js/backbone-tastypie" } });`

  3. When you need backbone-tastypie simply call:

    require(["backbone-tastypie"],function(Backbone) { // This code loads when backbone-tastypie and all of its dependencies are loaded. // The local backbone variable is the modified backbone-tastypie one. // If you want vinalla backbone, you can just change ["backbone-tastypie"] to ["backbone"]! })

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