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wibblymat commented Feb 26, 2013

Something like:

Installing from Bower

Bower is a package-manager for the web that lets you easily manage dependencies from the command-line. To install basket.js, first get Bower then run:

bower install basket.js

//via @addyosmani


sindresorhus commented Feb 26, 2013



addyosmani commented May 18, 2013

sgtm. So, we're currently listed as basket.js. Would it make more sense to be bower install basket?. Either way, we can certainly add this to the homepage soon.


sindresorhus commented May 18, 2013

Why? It's called basket.js on the repo. That would only be confusing.

bower install --save basket.js


addyosmani commented Jun 30, 2013

The above SGTM.


addyosmani commented Aug 10, 2013

i think we should tag and release a new version and mention on bower at the same time. @wibblymat wold you like to put together a PR for mentioning Bower on the homepage?

@sindresorhus, worth us documenting/including a plugins directory with the CSS loading changes in #76 for those interested? If not we can definitely hold off until we've reworked our architecture to be a more generic asset cache (per #81)


sindresorhus commented Aug 11, 2013

Yes, let's do a version.

I'd prefer we wait until it's rearchitectured and we have a CSS plugin that is fully tested.

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