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Extract jQuery.noop() #5

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Lol. Really? :D


I just thought I could submit a pull to get some discussion going. There are still some more work remaining.


That's a good point. If writing functions requiring a callback, noop can be pretty useful as a callback stand-in that does nothing. I remember reading on the tracker someone mentioning that in assembly language you'd use a NOP instruction where an instruction is required but no action is desired and that idea really holds here too.

Happy to merge once you feel its ready.


Ok, sounds good. Will let you know :p

Next up is

function now() {
    return ( new Date() ).getTime();

Sweet. Btw, at some point when we're both a little more free I'd love for us to have a chat with Julian Aubourg (who rewrote the jQuery Ajax system a year or two ago). He's been experimenting with automated code path extraction so he can pluck a whole feature out of jQuery without manual effort. Granted, there are quite a few pieces where this is a lot simpler, but its an interesting idea :)


Yes, we should. I've never heard of it before. Link?
Wonder how realistic it is though. Some parts of jQuery are incredibly coupled. There was btw some talk of being able to extract out some parts of jQuery like css() at the last meeting. Also, I'm very looking forward the verdict about CCAO.


Julian's repo demonstrating minimal automated code transformation Here is the really interesting part:


lol, totally forgot about this awesome PR. Let's punt it until we can evaluate the sudomorphic spline structure better.


Lol. It's okay. I forgot we put together this repo :p

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Commits on May 9, 2012
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    Extract jQuery.noop()

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