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  <title>Book Reviews for Jan 2010 – Part 1 | Divya Manian</title>
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  <meta name="description" content="Seems like the holiday season is a good time to read more books! So, here are 8 more books reviewed: American Born ChineseAmerican Born Chinese is a &hellip;">

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<time datetime="2010-01-02T00:00:00-08:00" pubdate><span class='month'>Jan</span> <span class='day'>02</span> <span class='year'>2010</span></time>
      <h1 class="entry-title"><a href="/book-reviews-for-jan-2010-part-1.html">Book Reviews for Jan 2010 – Part 1</a></h1>
<div class="entry-content"><p>Seems like the holiday season is a good time to read more books! So, here are 8 more books reviewed:</p>

    <h3>American Born Chinese</h3><p><a href="">American Born Chinese</a> is a book by a second-generation Chinese on how he overcomes the Chinese Stereotype, which is told within the tale of the <a href="">Monkey King</a>. I find the &ldquo;moral&rdquo; a bit contradictory and confusing (Monkey King is told there is no place for him among the &ldquo;Gods&rdquo;.) At least it brings racism to the front without accusing or wronging another race.</p></li>
<li><h3>The Best of Simon and Kirby</h3><p><a href="">The Best of Simon and Kirby</a> is a gorgeous book of full-page illustrations by Jack Kirby. Enough said.

<li><h3>Aya</h3><p><a href="">Aya</a> is one of the rare graphic novels about Ivory Coast which does not talk about poverty or civil war but is a humourous look at the world of young people. I am definitely reading the whole series.</p></li>

    <h3>The Girl Who Played with Fire</h3><p><a href="">The Girl Who Played with Fire</a> is the next in the <a href="" title="Millennium Trilogy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia">Millennium trilogy</a> by Steig Larsson. As usual it is dark and thrilling. I have never been taken up by a thriller like the ones written by him. It rankles me that we will see no more from Steig.</p></li>

<li><h3>Fatherland</h3><p><a href="">Fatherland: A Novel</a> is a fantasy novel set in the alternate world where Hitler won the war. But the plot of the book is rather trivial and did not need an &ldquo;alternate world&rdquo; at all. It was a good read, but not quite what I expected.</p></li>

<li><h3>By Design</h3><p><a href="">By Design: Why There Are No Locks on the Bathroom Doors in the Hotel Louis XIV and Other Object Lessons</a> is a great series of essays on Design. It has such gems like &ldquo;Making it nice is not making it right&rdquo;, &ldquo;I know when taste improves, it becomes closer to what I like&rdquo;, and &ldquo;Take pleasure seriously&rdquo;. It also explains how the occupation of a &ldquo;Designer&rdquo; came into existence and what separates design from art or engineering. Must read for anyone interested in design.</p></li>

<li><h3>The Adventures of Herge</h3><a href="">The Adventures of Herge: Creator of Tintin</a> is a fanboy biography of Herg&eacute;. It has some lovely pictures and explains how Herge created different adventures of Tintin. It also states Herg&eacute; liked the idea of Steven Spielberg creating a movie on Tintin and I am glad that it is <a href="" title="The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011)">finally happening</a>. It is also funny to see the real-life photos of different characters of Tintin (Dr. Muller, Thomson &amp; Thompson, Tintin, Sponz, Chang) and note how strikingly alike they are!</li>

    <h3>The New Kings of Nonfiction</h3><a href="">The New Kings of Nonfiction</a> is a compendium of articles from the 80s to early 00s. The one that struck me most was that of <a href="">Akumal Ramachander</a> (mainly because I am, in some ways, similar to him) and a <a href="">story on a right-wing radio show host</a> by David Foster Wallace.</li>

<p>What did you read over the holiday season? Do recommend books in the comments!</p>


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<a href="/about.html">Divya Manian</a>


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