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// Example Stylus file
// All changes are detected and automatically compiled into CSS
@import 'helpers'
// Main
body, html
height 100%
font normal 1em sans-serif
vertical-gradient #eee, #fff
text-align center
margin-bottom 1em
font-size 1.5em
margin 1.5em
color #0057c5
text-shadow 1px 1px 2px white
font-size 1.2em
margin: 1em 0 0.5em
padding 50px
display block
width 60em
height 20em
margin 0 auto
width 50px
height 50px
display block
margin 2em 1em
float right
display none
background red
color white
font-weight bold
position absolute
top 0
right 0
padding 1em
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