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0.1.4 / 2011-07-06

  • Nested folders are now fully supported in /app/views (for jQuery templates)
  • Views and templates can now be in plain old-fashioned HTML - just use the .html extension instead of .jade
  • Improved client-side helpers. Added bind method as per issue 26 (addyosmani)
  • All client-side helpers now have server-side equivalents, allowing you to use them anywhere
  • extensions.js now renamed to helpers.js internally for consistency

0.1.3 / 2011-07-05

  • Configuration files are now in CoffeeScript by default, though JS is also supported (paulbjensen)
  • JSON-based configuration files are still supported for backwards compatibility, but will be removed in a future release

0.1.2 / 2011-06-30

  • Added a new client-side helper file (think ActiveSupport in Rails). Checkout the README for full details (addyosmani, paulbjensen)

Bug fixes:

  • Multi-byte UTF8 characters now supported by asset packer (elisee)
  • We now ensure /public/assets exists on startup (pusewicz)
  • OS X Dashboard 'WebClip' user agent now recognised as friendly by the browser_check middleware (paulbjensen)

0.1.1 / 2011-06-24

  • Fixed bug in the browser check middleware (was not able to handle headless browsers)

0.1.00 / 2011-06-23

  • Final release for SocketStream launch today!
  • Greatly improved SSL support. Now fully documented in README
  • A secondary HTTP server is now run by default in HTTPS mode to auto-redirect incorrect HTTP requests to the domain specified in the cert
  • HTTP API can now be configured to only run in HTTPS using SS.config.api.https_only
  • Changes to configuration file. Done now to prevent major changes here later on

0.0.58 / 2011-06-21

  • Updated Jade NPM to latest version. NOTE! Params for HTML tags must now be in "height=21" rather than "height: 21" format
  • Updated /app/views/app.jade with new syntax

0.0.57 / 2011-06-20

  • Refactored HTTP middleware to...
  • Allow support for your own high-speed custom HTTP middleware. See README for details/examples
  • Updated README with pre-launch details

0.0.56 / 2011-06-19

  • VIM backup files (ending with ~) are now ignored (thanks kryton)
  • Updated all NPM dependencies (apart from Jade) to latest versions and tested compatibility
  • Updated Socket.IO client to 0.6.3
  • Added favicon.ico :)

0.0.55 / 2011-06-14

  • Refactored HTTP serving to support 'middleware' and allow custom HTTP handling in future
  • Added 'Strict Mode' which checks browser for native websocket support. See Incompatible Browsers section in README
  • New projects now include a /static directory. This will be used for maintenance pages and other things in the future
  • Changed the way new projects are created. A basic /config/app.json file is now included by default
  • Added FAQ section to README

0.0.54 / 2011-06-13

  • Now works fine if installed as an NPM package as well as 'sudo npm link'
  • Minor bug fixes

0.0.53 / 2011-06-08

  • Calls to SS.server actions from the browser will automatically output to the browser's console if no callback function is provided (makes testing/debugging SS.server actions much easier!)
  • Heartbeats from the client are now sent and processed more efficiently
  • The HTML output now lists links to CSS files before JavaScript files, as recommended by the Chrome Audit tool
  • Updated the README

0.0.52 / 2011-06-07

  • Major update with an IMPORTANT API CHANGE!
  • Client files are now namespaced in exactly the same way as Shared files. Existing apps will not break, but look at the README to see the new best practice
  • Added very basic rate limiting. This is turned off by default whilst we try it out in the real world, but can be switched on with SS.config.limiter.enabled = true. See new Security section in README
  • Improved initial creation of client libs
  • A fair bit of internal refactoring
  • Added Security and Scaling sections to README

0.0.51 / 2011-05-25

  • Errors in client-side .jade files are now caught in development (once new Jade released is pushed to npm)
  • Now prevents you from starting a project with an outdated version of SocketStream (can be overridden)
  • Fixed bug preventing /favicon.ico from being served

0.0.50 / 2011-05-24

  • Major enhancement: Errors in client-side .coffee and .stylus files no longer kill the server
  • A new SocketStream error page is sent instead, showing the backtrace on screen, as well as in the console
  • .js files are now fully supported in /app/shared, along with .coffee. Mix and match as you wish

0.0.49 / 2011-05-23

  • Fixed bug concerning dropping clients without active sessions
  • Added Known Issues section to README

0.0.48 / 2011-05-23

  • .js files are now fully supported in /app/client, along with .coffee. Mix and match as you wish
  • If a lib file fails to compile it will be automatically regenerated next time - no more empty files
  • Refactored code to pre-parse incoming URLs to reduce duplicate parsing later down the line
  • Improved API errors
  • Lots of other refactoring and minor improvements

0.0.47 / 2011-05-19

  • .coffee files can now be placed in /lib/client and will be transparently compiled

0.0.46 / 2011-05-19

  • Fixed bug which appears when too many clients disconnect at once

0.0.45 / 2011-05-19

  • Fixed bug when attempting to pack assets with no /app/shared directory present
  • Included client disconnect/reconnect example actions in generated new project code
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.6.1
  • Other minor changes

0.0.44 / 2011-05-18

  • Multiple Redis databases are now supported by setting SS.config.redis.db_index. Defaults to 0, the Redis default. Documented in README
  • Sessions now extend Event Emitter in order to fire custom server-side code when the websocket connection is lost. Documented in README
  • Improved the way errors are thrown

0.0.43 / 2011-05-17

  • IMPORTANT API CHANGE: @session.loggedIn() is now @session.user.loggedIn() , @session.logout() is now @session.user.logout()
  • Major refactor of sessions and pubsub system to improve readability and allow support for...
  • New feature: Private Channels. Publish events to unlimited channels across servers using See new 'More Pub/Sub' section of README
  • SS.server code now be nested up to 1000 levels in one file
  • Client now displays a warning if it receives an unregistered event
  • Server now warns if attempting to call a reserved action name (currently only 'session' and 'user')
  • Tidied up some logging

0.0.42 / 2011-05-12

  • Moved noisy 'Updating list of Users Online' messages to new SS.config.log.level of 4
  • Converted all internal code to use SS instead of $SS
  • Updated README to make it easier to see what the project's about

0.0.41 / 2011-05-10

  • Updated NPM packages
  • Changed client code to prevent re-calling app.init when the connection comes back up

0.0.40 / 2011-05-06

  • Huge improvements to the way Shared code works. Classes are no longer required but are still supported. Added new section to README
  • Shared code can now be executed directly from the client via SS.shared (exactly the same syntax as the server :-)

0.0.39 / 2011-05-04

  • Added 'Users Online' feature and API to make it easy to create real-time chat/social apps. Documented in README
  • Added 'The Road to 0.1.0' in the README
  • Removed ability to configure global client-side variable name for now - it's not 100% stable. $SS and SS both work but SS is now recommended.
  • Now compatible with NPM 0.X and 1.0 (thanks Paul)

0.0.38 / 2011-04-21

  • Major change to the client-side API: The 'remote' global method is deprecated in favour of 'SS.server' followed by the server-side function you wish to invoke.
  • Advantages are: 1) A 100% consistent experience between server and client 2) Automatic auto-completion of the server-side API in the browser command line. Woo!
  • The window.remote global function will stay around for a while whilst existing apps are converted but will be removed before 0.1.0
  • Also: Speeded up initial client/server protocol by combining multiple system messages into one
  • Changed the way the app is initialized - no longer requires JavaScript code to be injected into the HTML
  • Experimenting with Tim Caswell's client-side module loader. More on this soon

0.0.37 / 2011-04-20

  • $SS is now aliased as SS by default in both the server and client, meaning you no longer need the dollar symbol when calling the API
  • However, if the SS variable conflicts with something in your project, you may easily change it in the config: $SS.config.ss_var and $SS.config.client.ss_var
  • All docs have been updated accordingly. Remember this is just an alias - existing code will not break

0.0.36 / 2011-04-10

  • Introducing the SocketStream logo
  • Improved new project startup page

0.0.35 / 2011-04-07

  • Improved reconnection to server
  • Hostname now shown on boilerplate upon server startup

0.0.34 / 2011-04-06

  • Bug fixes
  • New $SS.config.hostname option allows server to be bound to a particular hostname

0.0.33 / 2011-04-04

  • Bug fix
  • Improved Redis error checking
  • Upgraded jQuery to 1.5.2
  • Refactored app generator

0.0.32 / 2011-04-03

  • Improved client re-connection code
  • /public/images folder now created by app generator
  • Added $SS.config.redis.key_prefix variable which defaults to 'ss'
  • Updated Socket.IO, Jade and Stylus
  • Started work on publish to group and users online (wip)

0.0.31 / 2011-03-23

  • Added 'silent message' option to 'remote' command to prevent logging
  • Added a section about Logging to the README
  • Fixed server-side logging bug

0.0.30 / 2011-03-23

  • $SS.env can now be called within the client
  • Fixed bug when re-generating client-side files

0.0.29 / 2011-03-23

  • Updated and tested npm dependencies
  • Better client-side logging: method and params now shown together on same line

0.0.28 / 2011-03-20

  • Fixed bug on macs where .DS_Store file would be loaded in Developer mode
  • General code tidying

0.0.27 / 2011-03-18

  • Added support for a new config file, /config/app.json, which loads first regardless of environment. The environment config file is then loaded and merged if present.
  • Major refactoring of client/server protocol to allow new message types and handlers to be registered in the future. Many more comments added

0.0.26 / 2011-03-17

  • More refactoring and docs
  • More work on Realtime Models. Disabled by default as highly experimental. Can be enabled with $SS.config.rtm = true

0.0.25 / 2011-03-14

  • New feature: Refactored model loading code to support nested models in the same way as $SS.server
  • New feature: The HTTP API now supports authenticated requests over Basic Auth (over HTTPS when available). See README for details.

0.0.24 / 2011-03-11

  • Change: To bind to multiple events client-side use $SS.event.on(event_name, function). This conforms to EventEmitter and SocketIO
  • Improvement: A severed connection will now automatically attempt to reconnect, even if no requests are pending

0.0.23 / 2011-03-10

  • New feature: Nested client files are now supported. The folder name they are placed in has no effect on the object namespace for now but is likely to in future
  • Major Change: The client file is no longer a CoffeeScript class (it doesn't need to be) so it should now begin ' ='
  • Improved User Authentication section in docs

0.0.22 / 2011-03-08

  • Updated README with details on how to use modular authentication within your app
  • Made Object.extend recursive
  • Refactored session code to support forthcoming authenticated HTTP API
  • Bumped Jade release

0.0.21 / 2011-03-03

  • Fixed bug loading multiple files within a nested directory and improved name spacing conflict resolution
  • Added more boiler plate headers

0.0.20 / 2011-03-03

  • Major change: /app/server files should now begin 'exports.actions =' with the all publicly exposed actions listed as before
  • All private methods should now be listed outside of the exports.actions and be in the format 'method = () ->'.
  • New feature: /app/server code now supports nested functions

0.0.19 / 2011-03-03

  • Major change: Files in /app/server are now recursively pre-loaded into $SS.server and instantiated upon startup. This allows for:
  • New feature: Invoke any method within /app/server using the console or within other server-side files. E.g. $, console.log)
  • New feature: Shared files within /app/shared are pre-loaded an accessible the same way using $SS.shared
  • Improvement: Updated banner to reflect pre-loaded files

0.0.18 / 2011-02-28

  • Change: NODE_ENV is now SS_ENV
  • Added info about Environment-based Configuration in README
  • Ongoing work towards Realtime Models and REST support

0.0.17 / 2011-02-23

  • Bug fix: Sort order of client files
  • Improvement: Startup banner now makes it apparent if you're running in HTTPS
  • Ongoing experimental work on Realtime Models

0.0.16 / 2011-02-22

  • Improvement: Replaced Object.extend method

0.0.15 / 2011-02-22

  • Improvement: Internal refactoring and ground work on Realtime Models

0.0.14 / 2011-02-21

  • Improvement: Much better server/client application error reporting and highlighting

0.0.13 / 2011-02-21

  • Improvement: Extending objects in a much better way which won't break mongoose and other libs that iterate over an object
  • Improvement: Redis config debugging

0.0.12 / 2011-02-21

  • Improvement: Incoming events now logged in the terminal even if they originate remotely
  • Bug fix: Bumped uglify-js npm version. Should now install correctly

0.0.11 / 2011-02-21

  • New feature: Added $SS.config.client.remote_prefix option to make it easy to maintain separate versions of your server api (e.g. 'v1')
  • Improvement: More errors now appear red
  • Improvement: SocketStream will fail to start up if JSON app config file is incorrect

0.0.10 / 2011-02-20

  • New feature: Experimental HTTPS support. Switched off by default as currently unstable. Updated README with info.

0.0.9 / 2011-02-20

  • Improvement: Massively refactored server and asset manager. Now much cleaner and starts up faster
  • Improvement: Standardized server and console startup
  • Improvement: New version of Socket.IO
  • Improvement: Tagged recent releases in Github

0.0.8 / 2011-02-20

  • Improvement: Massively refactored boot up procedure to make sure we never load anything unless we need it
  • Improvement: The correct (tested) version of every npm module we need is now loaded automatically by parsing package.json
  • Improvement: SocketStream now will now automatically update your client libs if required when upgrading to a new version
  • Improvement: Full stack trace now sent to the client (in development mode only) when a server error is encountered

0.0.7 / 2011-02-19

  • Improvement: Re-written the Client in CoffeeScript. Many improvements and additional error handling and fault tolerance
  • Improvement: We now get $SS.version from package.json
  • Improvement: Checks you're in a valid SocketStream project directory before starting up
  • Improvement: Better console experience
  • Improvement: Reworked and added new sections to README
  • Change: $SS.config.log_level is now $SS.config.log.level across server and client

0.0.6 / 2011-02-19

  • New feature: Client-side error reporting when you send incorrect requests
  • Improvement: Much more API and Websocket request hardening. Server now far more stable against malformed requests
  • Improvement: Refactored logger

0.0.5 / 2011-02-18

  • New feature: Override the default Redis config with $SS.config.redis, and separate pub/sub details if you wish
  • New feature: Startup time displayed on boot
  • Improvement: API hardening. Still much more to do here
  • Improvement: Refactoring of cli, redis, boot up procedure

0.0.4 / 2011-02-17

  • New feature: Start your apps with 'socketstream start'
  • New feature: 'socketstream console'. Try typing $SS.publish.broadcast('my_channel','my message') Much more to come here!
  • Improvement: Improved error checking within API. WIP
  • Improvement: Recognition of a root URL
  • Change: Create new apps is now 'socketstream new '

0.0.3 / 2011-02-17

  • New feature: Initial work towards API. remote('app.square', 5) can now also be called by /api/app/square.json?5 (or .html to view on screen). Passed params will be sent as objects. Full error handling and API browsing coming soon.
  • New feature: Configure the client using the 'client' params in your local /config/environments/<NODE_ENV>.json files. E.g. {"client": {"log_level":3}}
  • Improvement: Refactored incoming request code

0.0.2 / 2011-02-13

  • New feature: Share code between client and server by placing it in /app/shared
  • New feature: jQuery templating. Just add the jQuery tmpl plugin to your /lib/client files then create folders and files within /app/views
  • New feature: Easily override default config with app config files in /config/environments/<NODE_ENV>.json
  • Improvement: /app/vendor directory now optional
  • Improvement: Client-side debugging is now set using the same $SS.config.log_level variable as server-side for consistency
  • Improvement: Refactored to use fewer global variables, more modular, more comments
  • Added this file

0.0.1 / 2011-01-14

  • Initial release