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audit. alignment in which tests.

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1 parent 296b7e6 commit 0bda2dae39e45c886d2a12fe5804b98d942278fa @paulirish paulirish committed Sep 14, 2012
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@@ -28,16 +28,16 @@ else
# Dependency checks
-curlfile=$(command -v curl)
-gitfile=$(command -v git)
-rubyfile=$(command -v ruby)
-nodefile=$(command -v node)
-gemfile=$(command -v gem)
-compassfile=$(command -v compass)
-brewfile=$(command -v brew)
+ curlfile=$(command -v curl)
+ gitfile=$(command -v git)
+ rubyfile=$(command -v ruby)
+ nodefile=$(command -v node)
+ gemfile=$(command -v gem)
+ compassfile=$(command -v compass)
+ brewfile=$(command -v brew)
phantomjsfile=$(command -v phantomjs)
jpegturbofile=$(command -v jpegtran)
-clangfile=$(command -v clang)
+ clangfile=$(command -v clang)
# Check if installed.

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