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Commits on Sep 16, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #477 from robdodson/initializer-fix

    Fix initializer example
  2. Rob Dodson

    Fix initializer example

    robdodson authored
    - Replace the use of `generate` with `init`
    - Correctly reference `name` var
  3. Merge pull request #473 from mklabs/tests

    Fixes for #450 - remove stdout checks, test against fs
  4. Mickael Daniel

    test - add tests for bower task

    mklabs authored
  5. Mickael Daniel
  6. Mickael Daniel

    test - replace stdout checks and test against the file system

    mklabs authored
    for the test build. Close #450
  7. Mickael Daniel
Commits on Sep 15, 2012
  1. Merge pull request #458 from KenanY/3051

    Correct preview server port number in docs
  2. Kenan Yildirim
  3. Bumping to 0.9.1

  4. Paul Irish

    Merge pull request #452 from KenanY/sucess

    paulirish authored
    sucess -> success
  5. Kenan Yildirim

    sucess -> success

    KenanY authored
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
  1. Sindre Sorhus

    Tests: Comment out the stdout checks for now ෴

    sindresorhus authored
    Tests to be improved
  2. Fixes #323 - brings yeoman in-line with bower and introduces componen…

    …t directory syncing with app/scripts/vendor
  3. Paul Irish
  4. Paul Irish
  5. Paul Irish
  6. Paul Irish
  7. Paul Irish
  8. Paul Irish
  9. Paul Irish
  10. Paul Irish
  11. Merge branch 'master' of

    * 'master' of
      audit. print out passes followed by fails.
  12. Paul Irish
  13. Mickael Daniel Sindre Sorhus

    Fix tests - make them work without PhantomJS and Compass

    mklabs authored sindresorhus committed
    Make Travis happy!
  14. Paul Irish
  15. Paul Irish

    Merge branch 'master' of

    paulirish authored
    * 'master' of
      Adding server fix for #422, #402
  16. Paul Irish


    paulirish authored
  17. Paul Irish


    hemanth authored paulirish committed
  18. Paul Irish

    Fixed OS detection and added color printing.

    hemanth authored paulirish committed
    Example usage : sad_print "CURL not installed" "Follow this url to install"
  19. Adding server fix for #422, #402

  20. Sindre Sorhus
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