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Sam Dutton samdutton

Developer Advocate for Google in London. I maintain [](, which provides simplest-possible examples of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Sam Dutton London, England

Juho Vepsäläinen bebraw

I develop content below @survivejs. Mostly React and Webpack so far.

@survivejs Jyväskylä, Finland

Joe Medley jpmedley

Google, Inc. Mountain View, California

@hemanth hemanth

A computer polyglot CLI, web and unix philosophy ❤️'r. Part of @yeoman. Google Developer Expert. Community leader @duckduckgo Co-organizer of @bangalorejs

@paypal India

Gaël Métais gmetais

I try to help speeding up the web by creating WebPerf related tools!

Webperf Expert (freelance) Around the globe

Vignesh Shanmugam vigneshshanmugam

Building for the Web Platform.

@zalando Berlin, Germany

Kayce Basques kaycebasques

Google San Carlos, California

Andrew Clark acdlite

Front-end engineer at Facebook. Co-creator of Redux. Creator of Recompose. Hi!

Facebook Redwood City, CA

Joshua Bell inexorabletash

Raised by Muppets in the wilds of Canada.

San Francisco, CA

Robert Jackson rwjblue

Husband, father, Ember Core Team member.

LinkedIn Hope, RI

Jonny Buchanan insin

On a long enough timeline, everybody's time for open source drops to zero

Brisbane, Australia

Ben Zörb bezoerb

Kuborgh GmbH Hamburg

Sam Thorogood samthor


Google Sydney, Australia

Paul Kinlan PaulKinlan

Google Liverpool, London, Mountain View (CA)

Chuck Horton chuckh

Co-Founder and Lead Developer of a planning and project task management collaboration tool for the next generation of teams.

Hware, LLC Grass Valley, CA

Hein Rutjes IjzerenHein

Dev Lead & App Developer. Opensource & Javascript enthusiast. Professional with 18+ years of SW-dev. experience. Loves movies, table tennis & Belgium beers :)

ATO-gear, Gloey Apps Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Jacob Wenger jwngr

Firebase San Francisco, CA

Bryan Jones bdkjones

Incident 57 Inc. California

⭐caitp⭐ caitp

I work on the v8 and JavaScriptCore JS engines for a living. I enjoy doing this, this is fun. I do other things, too (like build some fun OBS Studio plugins)

Igalia Toronto, Canada

Ian MacLeod nevir


@convoyinc Seattle, WA

Michael Bleigh mbleigh

Firebase (Google) Oakland, CA

Philip Walton philipwalton

Google San Francisco, CA

Harry Roberts csswizardry

Consultant Front-end Architect • @inuitcss Lead

CSS Wizardry Leeds, UK

Anders Hejlsberg ahejlsberg

Microsoft Redmond, WA, USA

alex x1ddos

Google Zürich

Marc Cohen marcacohen

@GoogleCloudPlatform London

Stephen Sawchuk stephenplusplus

Animated quotes brought me here.


Gerwin Sturm Scarygami

FoldedSoft e.U. Vienna, Austria

Sam Richard Snugug

Developer w/design tendencies and a love of building open source tools to help w/both. Geeks out on content strategy, team process, and cultural transformation.

IBM Watson New York

Rob Dodson robdodson

Google San Francisco, CA

Fayi Femi-Balogun fayimora

Young Computer Scientist extraordinaire, Software Engineer, Machine Learning Enthusiast, Co-founder and CTO at Locus Technologies, Master of the Universe.

London, England

Zeno Rocha zenorocha

born to create and share.

Liferay, Inc. California

Andrei Oprea piatra

@ndreio Bucharest, Romania

Paul Lewis paullewis

London, United Kingdom