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Decentralized Trust Demo

This is a demo of the Decentralized Trust system described on A Decentralized World.

trust demo image


The demo initially shows a graph of all users and trust ratings between them. These trust ratings are randomly set. Upon selecting a user you'll see their world of trust from their perspective. The amount each user trusts another user is shown by the arrow between them. Each users color represents how much they are trusted by the selected user, calculated via the algorithm described in the blog post.

You can use the sliders to choose how many users are in the simulation, how many users each user trusts on average, and how deep the trust calculations are done.


Requires NodeJS >= 12.

npm install
npm start
  • npm start - Start the trust demo. This will automatically open it in your browser.
  • npm test - Run the test suite.
  • npm run benchmark - Run the benchmark suite.


The algorithm and vision behind this trust system is described in this blog post.

The general rules are:

  • Users can trust any other user of a rating between -100 and 100.
  • When a rating is set it is fixed and is not influenced by anyone else.
  • Friends of friends are given a rating via the formula MIN(UserToFriendRating, SQRT(UserToFriendRating * FriendToStrangerRating)).
  • When a negative rating is encountered, no further trust is given to anyone that person knows (so malicious users can't game the system).


This algorithms is implemented in src/models.js, feel free to use this to implement a trust system in your own social network. I plan on turning this into a Scuttlebutt plugin, and implementing it in most major Scuttlebutt clients.


These benchmarks were run on an 8th Gen i7 Quad Core Laptop running Ubuntu 18.04. Run npm run benchmark to perform them on your own system.

Benchmark of 100,000 users with 1,000,000 ratings

Average time to recalculate trust (depth=1):  0.01ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=2):  0.09ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=3):  0.73ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=4):  4.79ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=5):  37.07ms

Benchmark of 1,000,000 users with 10,000,000 ratings

Average time to recalculate trust (depth=1):  0.01ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=2):  2.27ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=3):  3.93ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=4):  79.06ms
Average time to recalculate trust (depth=5):  447.77ms




Demo of a trust and moderation system for the decentralized web







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