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Netflix Categories - Access Netflix Hidden Categories

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Netflix Categories Chrome Extension Screenshot

What's this?

Netflix has a ton of categories but only a few of them are accessible from the website depending on user's behavior. This browser extension helps to easily access many of the hidden categories. Available for Chrome (Firefox version coming soon).


  • Search for categories
  • Add To Favorites for easy access
  • Does not run in the background and so does not affect regular browser performance


  • No extra permissions required
  • No data is sent or received by the extension

✚ Add to Chrome | Chrome Web Store

What's New


  • More speed improvements (avg load time from 55 ms to 49 ms)
  • Half the size of v0.2.0 and less than 1/4th size of v0.1.1 (~ 203 kB to 47 kB) by replacing FontAwesome icons with Fontello
  • Footer with link to "Whats new" appears only when there is a version change and disappears once clicked


  • 2x faster (Browser action popup load time from 101 ms to 55 ms)
  • Size reduced by about 50% (~ 203 kB to ~ 103 kB)
  • Fixes error caused by loading popup.js in popup.html multiple times (bug #3, SHA c9abed0 , PR # 8)
  • Use DocumentFragment to create and append DOM nodes instead of manipulating raw HTML (PR #6)
  • Remove dependencies Bootstrap and JQuery (PR #8)
    • Replaced Bootstrap with CSS Grid, Flexbox for the layout and other custom CSS for styling components.
    • Fixes unwanted rounding and borders around category list items
    • Fixes vertical alignments of text and icons in navigation and category list buttons


  • Search hundreds of hidden categories
  • Add to favorites for easy access

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On the web

Inital categories database forked from youpinadi/netflix-categories