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This project enables the building of boot images for Google Android fastboot based devices.

It can be built either in the android build tree as part of the normal kernel/android pre-requisited build or in a Mer SDK as a standalone package

Android Build

We need to extend subdir_makefiles in build/core/ to include hybris/; that then includes any additional files in subdirs

Note the default boot.img is created by $(INSTALLED_BOOTIMAGE_TARGET) target in build/core/Makefile and that is used for inspiration.

Add as a normal make/mka target: $ mka hybris-boot hybris-recovery

SDK Building

In the SDK you'll need the kernel, module and static busybox packages available

$ git clone
$ cd hybris-boot
$ make <device>

Operating System Bootstrap

The initramfs boots into a Mer derived OS installation by loading first the default Android /data partition and then bind mounting a root filesystem under /data/media/0/.stowaways/sffe. This behaviour is easily modified by editing the ./initramfs/init shell script.

Initial RAM FS Debug Console

With your device booted to fastboot, boot the boot.img in debug mode:

$ sudo fastboot boot boot.img -c bootmode=debug

Wait for your host computer to pick up DHCP lease from usb network device:

$ telnet
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