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Adeept RFID Learning Kit Python Code for Raspberry Pi
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Adeept Super Starter Kit Python Code for Raspberry Pi

About this kit:

This is an RFID learning kit for Raspberry Pi. An RC522 RFID module, some common electronic components and sensors are included. We also prepared an user manual(about 100 pages PDF) for you. Through the learning, you will get a better understanding of RFID and Raspberry Pi, and be able to make fascinating works based on Raspberry Pi.

Now, the kit has been released, you can buy it from our ebay shop:

About Adeept:

Adeept is a technical service team of open source software and hardware. Dedicated to applying the Internet and the latest industrial technology in open source area, we strive to provide best hardware support and software service for general makers and electronic enthusiasts around the world. We aim to create infinite possibilities with sharing. No matter what field you are in, we can lead you into the electronic world and bring your ideas into reality.

Contact Us:



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