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Speaker history

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Past and planned speakers.

Unless otherwise mentioned, meetings are 2nd Wednesday of the month, start at 5.30pm, with first speaker starting at 6pm.

Where possible we meet in-person, but will be monitoring the latest South Australian COVID-19 restrictions. We do have the ability to run meetings virtually if in-person is not possible

Date Topic Speaker Location
14-Dec-2022 UniSA City West JS5-13
9-Nov-2022 UniSA City West JS1-13
12-Oct-2022 TBC Simon Holman? UniSA City West JS1-13
14-Sep-2022 DAPR Jasim Schluter and Paramesh Gunasekaran UniSA City West JS1-13
10-Aug-2022 MAUI? UniSA City West JS1-13
13-Jul-2022 Build After-party UniSA City West JS1-13
8-Jun-2022 Database Internals Rob Farley UniSA City West JS3-13A
11-May-2022 .NET Snapshot testing with Verify Simon Cropp (Online)
13-Apr-2022 .NET on AKS the easy way John Azariah (Online)
9-Mar-2022 Visual Studio 2022 Kendra Havens Online (lunch)
9-Feb-2022 Scalability Architectures in Commercial Software Ryan Rowston, Esayas Huluka and Luca Gnezda Online
8-Dec-2021 Golang for .NET Developers Sahan Serasinghe UniSA City West JS1-13
10-Nov-2021 .NET 6 Launch David Gardiner UniSA City West JS1-13
13-Oct-2021 MassTransit Taylor Goodall UniSA City West JS1-13
8-Sep-2021 Blazor and Xamarin Forms Paul Usher UniSA City West JS1-13
11-Aug-2021 .NET Framework Containers Simon Waight UniSA City West JS1-13
14-Jul-2021 Funky Azure Functions with .NET 5 and 6 David Gardiner UniSA City West JS1-13
9-Jun-2021 (Cancelled due to ill health) UniSA City West JS1-13
12-May-2021 .NET Perf
Cryptography 101
James Turner
Robert Boedigheimer
UniSA City West JS1-13
14-Apr-2021 Blazor Darren Neimke and Sahan Serasinghe UniSA City West JS3-13A
10-Mar-2021 Azure Managed Services Identity, Logic Apps and Functions Bill Chesnut UniSA City West JS1-13
10-Feb-2021 FIDO Authentication Jack Ni UniSA City West JS3-13A
9-Dec-2020 Databases in the Microservices World Rob Richardson Online (Lunch)
11-Nov-2020 Lightning talks Tim Covark, Matt Astachnowicz, Ben Laan Online (Evening)
14-Oct-2020 C# Source Generators - Write code that writes code David Wengier Online (Lunch)
9-Sep-2020 Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Builds David Gardiner Speaker UTC Online (Lunch)
12-Aug-2020 Make the Web Faster! Robert Boedigheimer Speaker UTC Online (Lunch)
8-Jul-2020 Ethics In A World of Ever-Growing AI Bronwen Zande Speaker UTC Online (Lunch)
10-Jun-2020 Vue to a skill Shawn Wildermuth Speaker UTC Online (Lunch)
13‑May‑2020 Using the Compiler API in Real-World Scenarios Jason Bock Speaker UTC Online
8-Apr-2020 Learn Authentication The Hard Way Andrew Best Speaker UTC Online
11-Mar-2020 Serverless .NET Core with AWS SAM Taylor Goodall Speaker UTC GK2-12
(free from 6pm)
12-Feb-2020 Using Stripe to sell products online Darren Neimke Speaker UTC BH3-11
Jan 2020 Christmas break
Dec 2019 Christmas break
13‑Nov‑2019 Git tips
.NET Core 3 Publishing
Brad Bow
David Gardiner
9‑Oct‑2019 Pragmatic Performance: When to care about perf, and what to do about it David Wengier BH3‑12
(free after 5.30pm)
11‑Sep‑2019 Azure Logic App custom connectors Sam Fernando BH3‑12
(free after 5.30pm)
14‑Aug‑2019 Chinafy your apps + Lessons you can steal from China Adam Cogan BH3‑12
(free after 5.30pm)
10‑Jul‑2019 Connect your Desktop Apps with the Microsoft Graph
Building a .NET documentation DevOps pipeline
Ming Man Chan
Mattias Karlsson
12‑Jun‑2019 Unity with Cognitive Services Scott Cabot BH3‑11
May 2019 VS2019 Launch David Gardiner and Andrew Best HH4-08
Apr 2019 Azure DevOps CI + Docker
Jack Ni
Ben Laan
Mar 2019 DevSecOps
Jakob Pennington
David Oliver
Feb 2019 ASP.NET Core + TS + Razor Dan Harris BH3-11
Dec 2018 VSTS Anthony Borton BH3-11
Nov 2018 Migrating from AngularJS and ASP.NET MVC3 to Angular6 Kayes Islam BH3-11
Oct 2018 C# 8 Jon Skeet BH3-11
Sep 2018 Feature flagging Sam Fernando BH3-11
Aug 2018 VS Productivity for .NET David Kean BH3-11
Jul 2018 Octopus Deploy Andrew Katsivas GK2.12
Jun 2018 Docker (part 2) Jack Ni GK2.12
May 2018 F#
Blockchain for Mobile
Stephen Hosking
Apr 2018 Jim & Darren BH3-11
Mar 2018 ASP.NET Core / Docker / EF Core Jack Ni H6-12
Feb 2018 Peter Griffith & Me
Jan 2018 Azure Functions Sam Fernando
Dec 2017 .NET on FPGAs
Cake Build Automation
Zoltán Lehóczky
David Gardiner
Nov 2017 ReactiveUI Geoffrey Huntley
Oct 2017 Introduction to Microsoft Bot Framework Sam Fernando
Sep 2017 2nd Annual 'Hang out, talk and code'
Aug 2017 Azure API Management Bill Chesnut
Jul 2017 Azure Cognitive Services
Lightning Talks
Paul Usher
Jun 2017 Xamarin Sean Rodda
May 2017 Architecture David Rogers
Apr 2017 IoT
2017 Launch
Jack Ni
Paul Usher
Mar 2017 Load testing
Ben Laan
Bronwen Zande
Feb 2017 C# 7 Jon Skeet
Jan 2017 OzCode Helper
Jan 2016 IntelliTest and other unit testing tools David Gardiner
Feb 2015 WinForms or WPF? - 10 years on Paul Usher
Jan 2015 ASP.NET 5 projects, SideWaffle and more Sayed Hashimi
Dec 2014 Claims Authentication with MembershipReboot David Rogers
Jul 2014 PowerShell for Developers David Gardiner
Jun 2014 Kinect Charlie Mun
May 2014 Code sharing between Win8, WP8 and Azure Nick Hodge
Apr 2014 WebEx Cisco
Mar 2014 Application Insights Anthony Borton
Feb 2014 Greenfield and Brownfield apps Jeremy Huppatz
Jan 2014 Windows Phone 8 (part 2) Charlie Mun
Dec 2013 Windows Phone 8 (part 1) Charlie Mun
Nov 2013 Lean Software Development Ben Mackie
Oct 2013 No meeting
Sep 2013 RavenDB and NoSQL Paul Stovell
Aug 2013 Fewer Cursors Since SQL Server 2012 Came Along Rob Farley
Jul 2013 Intro to NFC Charlie Mun
Jun 2013 Building a Windows Phone game with XAML and C# Andrew Coates
May 2013 Will my Windows 7 and earlier code run on Windows 8 Nick Hodge
Apr 2013 No meeting
Mar 2013 HTML5, CSS3 and friends Alex Mackey
Feb 2013 F# 3.0 Features for DB and Web Service Interfaces
Windows Q&A
Stephen Hosking
Pete Calvert
Jan 2013 No meeting
Dec 2012 No meeting
Nov 2012 A Modern Architecture Review (part 2) Adam Cogan
Oct 2012 A Modern Architecture Review – using the new Code Review tools Adam Cogan
Sep 2012 IT project challenges Sonya Weiser
Aug 2012 No meeting
Jul 2012 No meeting
Jun 2012 Real World Lightswitch
Programming the Mobile Web with ASP.NET MVC 4
Jeremy Huppatz
Stephen Hosking
May 2012 Challenges with Microsoft Infrastructure Applications Chris Clarkson
Mar 2012 IronPython for Silverlight/Windows Phone Andy Lee
Feb 2012 Web page optimisation Karl Thomas
Jan 2012 Start building on Windows 8
Skills Framework for the Information Age (ACS)
Jensen Harris (pre-recorded)
David Lindley
Dec 2012 'Future of ADNUG' n/a
Nov 2012 No meeting
Oct 2012 OData Protocol and WCF Data Services
What’s new in Visual Studio ALM vNext & //Build Conference Recap
Morris Bahrami
Anthony Borton
Sep 2012 Agile testing
Googlish Things you should know
Sharon Picken
Peter Cornish
Aug 2012 JQuery and ASP.NET
Biztalk and the cloud
Simon Holman
Bill Chesnut
Jul 2012 DDD Adelaide
Jun 2012 Developing for the Windows Azure Platform Simon Holman