Basic network simulator written in Scala 2.9.2 and Akka 2.0.3 for submission to the Typesafe Developer Contest.
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As it stands, this project provides a basic demonstration of how Scala and Akka can be used to create a network simulator. This is all done within one process, making it convenient to simulate networks - the Actor concurrency model lends itself to naturally representing different machines in a computer network.

Already implemented is a simulation of a TCP client-server model communicating using a stop-and-wait methodology, a simple variant of a sliding window protocol. The stop-and-wait method has a send and receive window of 1, where the client will send 1 packet to the server and will not send another until the prior packet is properly ACK'ed for.

The client and server are simulated by separate Actor instances. Lost packets are simulated probabilistically.

This project was written for entry in the Typesafe Developer Contest (


The project is written with SBT 0.12.1, with the only dependencies being Scala 2.9.2 and Akka 2.0.3. It can be compiled simply with sbt compile and run with sbt run.


This project is licensed under Apache2, please see the LICENSE for more details.