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+# Exception Tracking
+Exception tracking has won in ruby. But could it be better? How many users did this exception affect? What are all of the exceptions that happen for a specific post? Is this exception localized to a single application server? None of these questions are easily answered in the current crop of exception tracking systems.
+I have been experimenting with using Elastic Search as a document database for exception data. This allows searching and grouping on any field which turns out to be a very nice property for an exception tracker. I will describe the architecture I am using with Elastic Search to accomplish this. As well as some background on Elastic Search in general.
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+## Andy Delcambre
+## Engine Yard, Inc
+Andy Delcambre is an engineer at Engine Yard and lives in San Francisco. Previously he hailed from Portland where he was a Rails consultant at Planet Argon. He snowboards, backpacks, travels, rock climbs, eats delicious food and rides his bike as often as he can manage.
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