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My personal WIP single file header library for quick and simple cross-platform interactive applications.
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Simple Computer Graphics (SCG)

My personal single file header library for quick and simple cross-platform graphics applications. It is currently in a WIP progress state, so not really usable for others. But feel free to take any code from it if it's useful.

The library does all rendering in software by manually setting pixels. At the end of each frame these pixels are sent to a texture on the GPU which is scaled and presented on screen. This method of drawing is slow and not intended for any serious production software. It is designed for learning purposes and for building interactive demos.


The library requires the SDL2.


brew install sdl2


sudo apt-get install libsdl2-dev

Or, if on another distribution, use the package manager available.

Building the examples

All the examples can be built with Make.

Build all examples:


Build a single example:

make {{example_name}}

Replace {{example_name}} with any of the following:

  • basic
  • plasma
  • image
  • transform
  • rotozoom
  • tunnel

By default all the examples are built with optimization flags. To build in debug mode, use the DEBUG=1 flag.

make DEBUG=1

Or for building a specific example:

make {{example_name}} DEBUG=1


Basic Plasma Image Transform Rotozoom Tunnel
basic plasma image transform rotozoom tunnel
Source Source Source Source Source Source

Converting audio

Ensure ffmpeg is installed. Then run:

ffmpeg -i assets/{example_sound}.wav -acodec pcm_s16le -ac 2 -ar 48000 assets/{example_sound_output}.wav

Attributions / References

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